Party photos

I was going through my camera and found a mixture of photos from a few parties we hosted at our place a few weeks back. Brings back memories and makes me wish the weekend was here already!

Kwang is either scolding me for pouring too much vodka in the glass or we are playing a drinking game. Either way both scenarios are usually what we are doing when we are together.

Kwang: Audrey, I said I don’t want so much, why did you pour so much

Audrey: Eh, but you said were thirsty what!

Vic always has some sort of pose going on while chaos reigns over the party

I thought Grace looked smashing in this photo

Whereas the people below look smashed, I present to you:

Kev, The Thinker

This is the Ferrenizer

Our favourite form of group hug.

What you do is you creep up to some unsuspecting poor soul (Wei Liang for example) jump on him and pin him on the ground while the rest prepare to land (eagle face down) on top of the both you. Record so far is a 6 people pile up, or was it 8? Not too sure but it’s pretty cool to be the last one on top of the pile and pretty sucky to be at the bottom of it.

All I know is that, that is chocolate ice cream in his mouth and I have no idea what they are doing.

ha ha ha ha, Daniel is airing his balls or something. Not too sure but I thought this photo was hella funny.

As you can see not all our parties are about alcohol and jack ass type stunts. We also sing songs and play the guitar.

We also take photos of our nostrils for fun.

These two are the life of the party, always something going on, everytime

Before we all get a bit too rowdy

Till Then



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3 responses to “Party photos

  1. Joey

    The last seen of my pink socks

  2. bong

    LOL haha. Nice one girl!

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