From Queenstown to Milford Sounds

The alarm rang and we got ready by 6.30pm. MOH went downstairs to check on everybody only to find that they were still in bed. He gave them a shock when he said “Well, we will have to leave now or else we’ll miss the boat” that got everyone up and ready in quick successions. We got into the van around 7.30am and started our journey to the world famous Milford Sounds.

It was a long 5 hour drive but it wasn’t that bad since the views were spectacular (I’ll be gushing about the views through out this post and the up-coming posts). On the way there we stopped at Te Anau since everyone was starving (we skipped breakfast). While looking for a place to eat someone yells LOTTOOOOO!!!!! -_- While in Auckland my father introduced an addictive hobby to the rest of the uncles. Behold, their favorite hobby while in New Zealand.


It was an experience to drive the last hour to Milford sounds where we had to go through a tunnel that goes through a mountain, when we reached the end we had a panoramic view of the land below and it was magnificent. By then it was 12pm and the boat was scheduled to leave at 12.20pm. We had 20 minutes, we can make it, or so we thought until we reached a bend and had two very slow cars in front of us. We arrived at the port with 1 minute to spare, I ran into the building only to see the boat launching off the pier. Gutted! Stupid, stupid, drivers who were in front of us! Oooh!!! Bikin meradang oh! Then I look to my right and there was a counter opened with the next boat leaving in 15 minutes, yes! All is not lost. Booked 10 tickets on the Southern Discoveries cruise, the man behind the counter was a Malaysian from Pulau Pinang, Eric namanya. I found it weird that when I spoke to him in Malay he always responded in English. Oh well, whatever rocks his boat.

The boat cruise was definitely worth it and we were blessed with beautiful weather. The sun was out shining on the water making it seemed impossibly iridescent. The sunlight played around the peak of the mountains creating a magical feeling for all who were lucky enough to witness it that day. It was a 2 hour boat ride and there short commentaries here and there. We saw several waterfalls, rainbows made out of the sprays, craggy rock faces, seals and believe it or not wild dolphins. They were the larger breed and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the breed. It was a pod with what look liked 6-10 dolphins and they seemed be in the midst bonding with each other as they flopped up with their bellies facing upward as they swam pass us. Having dolphins swim beside your boat was totally worth the $79 ticket we bought for the cruise. I don’t visit shows like water world and all that jazz cause I always feel sad for the animals, even zoos make me sad but seeing them in the wild is a whole different ball game. That is why Africa is one of the places I would like to go if I can afford it. Wouldn’t it be grand to watch the wild animals in their natural habitat? That would be epic. Anyhoo, I digress.

Time to show off via photos

As you can see the metal seats were FREEEEZZZIIINNNGGG!

WooOooO, Waterfall!

Right Click to open in Larger Vieeewwsss…

WooOoo so the Amazing view!

Dolphins 🙂

Rainbow, nope, no pot of gold there.

This was taken on the way back

This waterfall has been running for the past 15,000 years (I think it is, I was listening to the tour guide with half an ear. But it’s definitely been falling for a very very very very long time)

Baby seals like the ones you see on Discovery Channel. So cute!

Back to land we go.

Check out Fiordlands Website for more information.

The ride back was not as eventful but the view was amazing (AMAZING DIA BILANG). After the boat ride, we went back to the car to find that MOH had forgotten to switch off the head lights and the battery was dead. Totally dead. After asking around for jump start cable (nada, tidak ada, zero) we got the men to push the car. I even had a video of it. Look at uncle Danny, so helpful -_-

Photos on the ride back to Te Anau


Please note your not suppose to feed the wildlife, no matter how cute they are and how friendly they may be. As you can see we totally failed that test.

Ah, an oppoturnity to be one with nature…so irritating! Not shy at all, couldn’t even bother to find a bush!

This one also another one! Satu kepala! Aishhh!

Is this considered planking? All they way from Kota Kinabalu. I can’t find the photo but we did these years ago in Sabah on a family trip. Will post it when I find it.

Ambil kesempatan. Didn’t get to be in the first group photo so I did one of my own. Right after this photo was taken we saw in the distance a dozen head lights. After squinting into the distance I realized they were caravans and I screamed “Caravan!” everyone rushed back into the van (no questions asked) and we squealed our way back  to Te Anau. Once you get caught behind a group of caravans your doomed. Doomed!

When I was planning for this trip, I found that people would usually drive 5 hours to Milford Sound and then do another 5 hours back on the same day to Queenstown. I knew we would not be up to it staying in the car for 10 hours. So, we stopped by Te Anau and stayed with Bob and Maxine who were wonderful host. Their place was wonderful with all the suitable amenities. We had so much fun lounging in their large living area. Played some futsal (I am so bad at this game) spoke to the only other guest there Louis who is from France and was visiting New Zealand for 3 months, very keen with his mountain climbing and hiking. New Zealand is the perfect place to do this. He had beautiful photos of Mirror lake which was on the way to Milford Sounds but we didn’t stop by there to my regret (argh!!!)

The next day after a hearty breakfast we set off back to Queenstown, we swapped drivers and had uncle Aloy and aunt Crispina at the wheel.

A photo with Bob and his lodge that he runs with his wife Maxine, where we stayed the night.

Queenstown here we come, again!

Till Then



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4 responses to “From Queenstown to Milford Sounds

    1.You knwo that tunnel long time ago had a fire and people die? I heard this when I was on a tour bus, the view you saw was nicers than my time . Coz I was so sick from the boat ride and got really bored after 10mins.
    2.A trip to Afirca is on my to do list too, that maybe sth we can plan together, if we survive the trip and still be friends, that would be awesome. If not, at least it ends with a Bang in Africa!
    3. The freezing face picture is perfect, consider use it as your FB profile pic may as well gain you some more friends.
    Over and out

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  3. epeen chin

    Nice… can’t wait for Part 3….

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