From Te Anau back to Queenstown

So continuing my story from waaaaaayyyyy back. If your interested here is Part 1 From Kota Kinabalu to New Zealand and Part 2 From Queentown to Milford Sounds.


We did frequent stops to take photos of the view and animals. Uncle Jeff is in agriculture and he took a lot of photos of the sheeps, deers, cows and llamas.

Baaa, baaaa…

Right click for larger size

We arrived in Queenstown in time to have 6 rounds on the luge! It was fantastic, even aunty Epeen and Yeeyin who were complaining about the cold got into the spirit of things.

We had to take a gondola to get to the luge centre. Here is the view from the gondola.

I’m scared of heights so you can imagine how happy I was to get OFF the gondola >_<

Happy faces on the way to the luge centre!

Getting ready to zoom down the hill

Everyone arriving safely at the bottom of the hill.

The luge was great fun and it was funny to see how the others were zooming down the corners. Apparently, the heavier you are the faster you can go. I almost terpelanting going around a corner too fast. I think I almost fell out of my contraption is also due to the fact that the corner was also occupied by uncle Aloy and MOH. I got my revenge when I found a chance to squeeze by them as they were racing to the finishing line. HO HO HO HO! HO HO HO HO! *cough* Anyhoo, I digress. After the exhilarating ride the family had a spot of shopping at the souvenir shop and then we went back to the city in search for dinner.

While they shopped me and MOH had a walk around and stumbled on a few performers getting ready for a show



It was an introduction to a show that was going to start soon. Since me and MOH didn’t buy a ticket we could get into the room. We weren’t that keen since we were starving, but the rest were too busy shopping so they didn’t care -_-

Speaking of dinner me and MOH had two dinners, one in the hostel with the family and the second one right after the first dinner. We went for a walk around town looking for a fish and chips place recommended by our car rental vendor. We found it and if your ever in Queenstown please do drop by the place. Its’ called Hoki Doki and the fish was so fresh you could smell the sea on it, the salad was fantastic and the service freaking 5 stars. Affordable too for 2 pieces of fish, salad and chips for $18.00.

The next day was a free day for all and we walked the streets of Queenstown. There was a small arts and craft market by the lake and we went to see what that was about.

I loved it! Each stall housed hand made, quality items. I bought a book mark for sister which had hand made beads and hand made silver handle. I didn’t take a photo of it! The items on sale were definitely not on the cheap side but everything is hand made and definitely 100% New Zealand made. So if you were looking for a novelty item this would be the place to be.

Happy people at the Queenstown Creative Market!

While we jump for joy cause we were alive and well in Queenstown the rest decided to browse around the stalls

As you can see we like our to take group photos 🙂

The day was gorgeous and it was made perfect with a street performer belting out classics like a pro. Singing Stairway To Heaven, Hotel California, Soldier of Fortune, just to name a few. After that we went to see another street performer, I think he called himself the King of the Mullet. What a show, it was a funny one man side show. MOH was dragged to the front to help him mount this very tall tricycle.


When the show ended, we saw a young girl performing around the shops and for such a young girl, she totally rocked the guitar.

We walked and shop a bit more before Aunty Yeeyin decided to try out bungy jumping but we manage to convince her to try the canyon swing. Adventure Queenstown hostel was a great place to say. I think the only issue I have is that when it came to activities the patron was a bit of a hard seller which put me off doing a lot of the more extreme stuff. The more someone tells me to do something the more I wish to do the exact opposite. So we went with aunty Yeeyin and uncle Danny to witness her canyon swing.

The place was beautiful

It looked harmless enough on video but when you’re at the actual site it’s a pretty long way down to play swinging monkeys. It was memorable and should I say lucky day for us? The weather was beautiful, we had a super hero and a few naked ladies. If you do your swing buck naked then it’s free.

These two ladies were definitely up for it.

I have a video of it am wondering if I should post it up or not 😛

Getting ready for the big swing!

He called himself ‘Tight Man’

Check out aunty Rozalines swing

After the swing we headed back to town, I forgot to mention we were provided transportation and on your way to the site they show you videos on the different ways you can do you swing. On the way back they would show you a hilarious video of all the way people have reacted to the swing, the panic faces, outrageous costumes and some even singing an operatic aria or two. When we got into town we went back to the hostel to find that the ladies were out shopping. So, we had an early dinner, went back to have a nap and napped till 12pm. We got up and drop by the casino one last time before having a 6am wake up call for our long drive to Mt Cook.

Here we come, Mt Cook!

Till Then


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