Goodbye Lucy Z you saucy minx!

Last Saturday was Lucy’s farewell party. She’s going “across the ditch” a term used quite often by the locals to say that their fellow men were jumping ship and moving to Australia , G’day mate! Anyhoo, went to Snapdragon, I haven’t been going out to the clubs for a few months now and I gotta say I don’t miss it one bit -_-. Cramped, hot, smelly, people spilling drinks on my dress, girls stepping on my toes with their 4 inch heels. Blek. No, thank you. But I went forth into the urban jungle to say goodbye to a friend.

We didn’t want to hijack the photo, we did try to ask nicely but MOH pushed us away shouting, “I want to take a photo with Lucy alone!” Oh well, we tried to be civilised about it.

Grace, Ferren and Daniel The Charming (super party boy, if your ever in Auckland he’s the man to call)

Lucy and friends 🙂

Erm…I’m not sure what I was trying to do here…please focus on “Fareen” and “Grace The Powerful” intoxicated stares.

Can’t a woman take one normal photo??? Ferren, what is your finger doing there? Lawrence what are you…I don’t even want to know what your trying to do. Tried numerous times to get a photo with Lucy without interference. As you can see that didn’t happen -_- By the way Lawrence, confirm those are the biggest set of West Malaysian nostrils I have ever seen. Lubang hidung basar ftw!!!

Lucy is an interesting character, she takes at least two hours to look as perfect as she does (and she doesn’t care), her attention to detail is meticulous, everything annoys her and she doesn’t like to settle for anything less then perfection. She’s a sore loser and if she knows she can’t win, she won’t play. She always dress to kill and she hates jerks (I mean, who doesn’t???). She is also the nicest person I know, she loves her friends and treats them very well. She is thoughtful and is always on time. She hates being late for anything and is willing to work hard to achieve her goals.

Lucy is a fighter and a survivor and staying with her for a few weeks really showed me underneath all that armour of glamour and lipstick lies a heart of gold.

All the best in Sydney Lucy! You’ll rock the place with your kookiness. Just don’t forget to have some time for me and MOH when we fly over next year.

Even Murphy is going to miss you 😦



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