Last night was…gila…

Went for Friday night drinks with some work mates and it turn out to be a crazy night. I laughed till I had stomach cramps and my jaw locked on me several times because I laughed so hard. Charissa and Hayley at work are the craziest Kiwi girls I know AND they are really nice. Chur-chur ladies, lets do this again…but not anytime soon please.

By the way friends, do not mix Jaggermeister, wine, Jim beam, Envy and beer together. It’s evil.

It was suppose to be an early night. The plan was to catch up, chit-chat and then leave around 8.30pm but we ended up finishing at 4.30am :roll:. It all started with me, MOH and Charissa persuading Hayley to come out with us. All four then proceeded to crash Ferren’s apartment, I manage to get Clive (who brought Andrew to the mix) to come along and I think he is the first person to officially puke on Ferren’s balcony. Yeah yur Clive, your the man I saw how you kept it all in your mouth as you struggled to open the ranch slider! 😯

People I have worked with before and are currently working together at the moment.

MOH found his sister from a different mother. Can you see the resemblance?

There were more photos but this one is the least discriminatory of them all so only one photo from the night. This is also a ‘before photo’ of Clive’s before his night went downhill to puke-age land.

The discussions we had about innies and outies was hilarious, Grace getting all touchy feely with the ladies was funny, everyone’s horrified expression at MOH antics was funny. David was especially…intrigued by the whole set up. Welcome to our parties David 😎 . Daniel as usual was laid back and chillax and took everything thrown at him with aplomb (much to his detriment as he ended up sleeping on the couch).  Music was provided by a late comer Flip (Hayley’s mate) . Hanging out with Charissa and Hayley is a sure fire way to broaden my horizon and meet new people. Overall, the night was full of laughter, super dry jokes and good company. What a way to end the month of July with.

Till Then


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