It was a great Saturday I had

With the substance abuse activities that happened the night before  I was paranoid that I would miss my appointment with Li Yang on Saturday. After a particularly bad dream of  me drowning in a sea of Jim Beam, I woke up with a jolt. Falling off the bed looking for my phone I saw that it was alredy 1.31pm!!!! I missed my appointment! I quickly typed an sms to Li Yang apologizing and telling her I didn’t mean to miss our appointment. MOH bolted awake since he also had an appointment at 12.30pm which he also missed. We were so f…ked. He went to text to his parent so to apologize only to realise it was only 8.51am. Silly me, instead of setting my alarm to 10am I had set my clock instead.


So I wen’t back to sleep la, what again. Woke up in time to get ready but was a bit late in meeting Li Yang to watch this fantastic artsy animation which I think, if you have the chance please do try to watch it. It invoke all sorts of lovely feelings in me and the imagery was just beautiful. “The story is so simple but they made it so beautiful.” enthused Li Yang and I couldn’t agree more with her.

It’s a french film and the story flows and moved through me effortlessly. I was just swept away by the lyrical story telling that the film had. Just thinking about it makes me smile. If your interested here is a brief sypnosis

“Dino is a cat who shares his life between two houses. During the day, he lives with Zoé, the only daughter of Jeanne, a police captain. During the night, he clambers over the roofs of Paris in the company of Nico, a very skillful thief.

Jeanne is on edge. Not only must she must arrest the cat burglar responsible for numerous jewelry thefts, but she also has to oversee the surveillance of the Colossus of Nairobi, a giant statue coveted by public enemy number one, Victor Costa. The gangster is also responsible for the death of a police officer, Jeanne’s husband and Zoé’s father. Since this drama, the little girl has withdrawn into silence and hasn’t uttered a word…”

Click here for more: A cat in Paris

Thanks Li Yang  for insisting we go watch a movie from the Film Festival and for the ticket 🙂

Till Then



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2 responses to “It was a great Saturday I had

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. The hot pot at Ferren’s was nice. I managed to spilled twice , once on the carpet, once in the kitchen.

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