Please help me win: Best Friends Forever Photo Competition by BFM

Ying Swan entered us in a competition and the winners will win prizes worth up to $400. I’m more excited in getting a nice group photo with my good friends.

She was torn between three photos and when she emailed them to me to ask for my opinion I got a little nostalgic.

I look so young in the photos and free! No mortgage, no husband (lol!!!) and no cares in the world. I had just got my first ever full time job and University and all that entails with it were behind me. It was a very big holiday for me and I got to spend it with close friends. The first photo is of us acting the way we naturally do. Behind us the road to our backpackers which sadly I have been told was destroyed in the last major earthquake that striked Christchurch earlier this year.

The second photo is of us eating (I mean duh~). Kiwis love their pie so we tried to focus on our Kiwiness, dug in deep and found that eating pies was the easiest link we could do in our journey to becoming Kiwis.

Shermayne looks like that because

1. She has constipation
2. She is starting to look like a Maori
3. The pie was just not yummy enough

The third photo is much better 🙂 You can see us happily munching away or maybe it’s because Pei Lynn told us to smile as we were starting to look like hungry ghost.

I’m like…

So guess which photo we picked? If your interested here is the link to all your answers, it might also answer some questions in life, love and money a.k.a just have fun! If you want to see me naked please vote for us here: Ying Swan & Friends

To vote for this picture:

‘Like’ the bfm page:​sical
‘Like’ your favorite photo
Get other friends on Facebook to ‘like’ the photo, the photo with most ‘likes’ wins!

It’s as simple as that. Happy voting!

If you want to join the competition, you are more then welcome to! The competition is open to everyone. If your interested check it out below.

Brighter Future Musical Facebook Page


Till Then,

Soon to be winner of Best Friends Forever Photo competition



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