Hungry Ghost Festival in Auckland?

Joselyn (our esteemed script writer) invited me and MOH to lunch. I accepted the invitation not knowing what a feast awaited us. I can tell you now that we left her parents place full of food, drink and happy thoughts. Thanks for the invitation Joselyn and thank you uncle and auntie for the food and warm hospitality. Lunch was in conjuction with the Hungry Ghost Festival/ Chinese Halloween (or so aunty said). For more information on the day click here: Ghost Festival


Everytime the festival comes around it always reminds me of one my favorite animations.

There is a scene in the movie of where the girls parents find themselves in a market and start stuffing themselves. What they don’t know is that the food is actually for those in the spirit world, unable to stop they turn into pigs.

I found a nice little blog with a summary of the show (including spoilers) if your interested click here: Spirited Away




 Anyhoo, back to lunch 🙂A delicious vegetarian dish which name I failed to ask Joselyn for

West Malaysians call this dish Rojak, an assortment of  fruits, sweet sauce and crushed peanuts.

Jos and her family with Moh

I saw this tree in their backyard and I love it. I saw one in the city but it didn’t have as much blooms as this one. Ever since then I have been wanting to have one for my garden. I wonder what’s it called?

Short video from the lunch 🙂

Kuih lapis, yo~

Bell is lovely and so cuddly!!!


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