Cutie pie puppy goodness overload <3

I was looking through some clips that I recorded in the past and this one was taken two months ago. Look at the cutie! This was taken at my in-laws after our dinner. Please ignore the morons talking in the background. That’s just me wanting MOH to take a photo as I was prepping the puppy not realizing that he was actually taking a video. Man, they can’t even take simple instructions -_-

I just about died of cuteness overload when the puppy stayed on her back waiting to get a tummy rub! She is a cross breed between a Westie and a Shih Tzu. Unfortunately, she has been sold already so no more cute puppies at the in-laws to play with 😦

Watch the video, ohhhhh I want a puppy now!



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2 responses to “Cutie pie puppy goodness overload <3

  1. Sooooooo frigging cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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