Haere Mai! Rugby World Cup has officially begun

Kia Ora!

I am so excited! It’s the opening for the Rugby World Cup 2011 today and we manage to get off work early today to check it out.

It is estimated that about 50,000 people will be in Auckland city today and it’s going to be crazy! Li Yang organized a ‘crazy hat’ theme for the group just to get into the festive mood but I didn’t have time to make one for myself so I’m just going to go in a bright top and super sparkly head band.

Today, in the morning as we were driving to work I could see flags everywhere, in all sorts of colours and sizes, propped on cars, bonnets, windows and children’s school bags. Apparently, in New Zealand the buntings (a lightweight cloth material often used for flags and festive decorations) has sold out and the amount sold when laid out could stretch from Christchurch to Invercargill. That’s about 463 km (give and take la, you Nazis 😛 ).

If you check out this website www.auckland2011.com/ you will see the city has planned for a lot of things to happen today which will end with a massive firework display. I was in town last weekend and the city has certainly spruced itself up and looking ever so pretty. I hope there won’t be as much violence as anticipated during the whole month of the rugby world cup fever. I wouldn’t be surprised though, looking at the amount of alcohol the locals consume and the fact that taking ganja is the nations favorite past time. Plus, have you seen the Kiwis? Besar gila! Men and women -_-.

I’m all gear up to have a fun night tonight! If you are in Auckland and you are also going to town, please stay safe, take care of yourself and your belongings and do not drink and drive. Besides, that lets rock Auckland tonight.


p/s I have so many photos and videos to post up with all the fun stuff that I have been up to in the last two weeks, was suppose to do it last night, but, oh well! Keep in touch.

Till Then


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