Sun, sea, rain, beach and videos

I manage to finish up my video submission for the Rhythm and Vines Protege 2011 competition. I was really stuck for ideas and was about to give up when some of my mates helped me out. I had so much fun and it made me realise that all I want to do is find something that I am passionate about. I’ve been getting far too stuffy and it’s good to just go with the flow. Many thanks to Bronson, Cheryl, Daniel, Ferren and Mitch for helping a mate out.

Here’s my video if your interested to see what I was up to in the weekend. I hope I manage to get my submission to them in time.

By the way I was at the Bay of Islands today and it was so good to just be fishing, eating and watching the sun set with the Tui’s singing and the sheep dogs barking in their kennel as their owners walk by.

As I climbed steep rocks to get to the fishing spot, each time I look down I could feel my heart in my throat. There is always a sense of awe and fear of the sea. It’s a living thing that has to be respected and here I am clinging on to a ledge with the waves splashing behind me.

It’s good to be alive.


Till Then




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