Nope, I didn’t get it. Yes, I’m disappointed, will I give up? Hell no!


So, after waiting for two days for a phone call that never happened, I saw on an online website that 6 finalist have been chosen and I am not one of them:( Yes, I am  feeling sorry myself. Yes, it was a great opporturnity and yes it would have been great to have at least get an interview. But I didn’t even make it to the first round and its ok. What makes it bearable and almost forgettable is the fact that I have been given the best news ever! I’ll share it with you when the time comes. Know that, its freaking fantastic news for this wonderful couple and that God works in mysterious ways.

Before I go I sent a message to a popular vj, tv presenter here in New Zealand and never got a reply. It was a just a short message asking for tips and what  to do to make a good audition video. You would think they would give you something to help you out but nope nothing of the sort. The same thing happened when I emailed another up and coming entertainer in Malaysia and ask her if she had any tips to share.

Is it that competitive that they can’t even share a bit of their experiences with people like me who want to break it in the industry? I solemnly promise that if I ever make it in the entertainment industry I will answer every gang damn question posed to me regarding how to ‘work it’ in this industry. I will, I promise…I mean worse come to worse I’ll just do a mass copy and paste.



Till Then



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4 responses to “Nope, I didn’t get it. Yes, I’m disappointed, will I give up? Hell no!

  1. lucy

    cant wait to hear the news,hope its ur epic breakthrough … go audrey…..banzaiiiiiii

  2. bro

    we all know u can make it anywhere anytime any industry

  3. M*

    Ah, problems of insecurity. 😉

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