All Blacks wins The Rugby World Cup 2011- Finally!

Check out more photos of the finals and the winner here: ALL BLACKS CELEBRATE RUGBY WORLD CUP WIN



All Blacks/New Zealand have won the Rugby World Cup 2011!!!

The last time they achieved such a win was in 1987  which is a whopping 24 years ago!


What a great game to watch. Although, I had no doubt that the All Blacks were going to win, if I was any less confident of the team winning I would have been “shitting bricks” as Jason Lim had tweeted. The second half was full of suspense and edge of the seat drama. The French team were a joy to watch, their attack and defense were superb and made the All Blacks work for the win and it really made the win that much sweeter. It was such a tight game and I truly believed that the winner would be the team that wanted it the most. I felt that the All Blacks wanted it more then the French team for a myriad of reasons. Most obvious ones is that they are playing the finals on home ground with the support of millions of Kiwis. The need to win is felt by all and for 2 hours  millions of Kiwis (plus those around the world) were in sync with each other willing their team to win and boy did they win it for the country.

It feels good to be in New Zealand watching history being made for this country.

Some photos before the game 🙂

Debz and the boys

Me & Andrew

Moh and Steve

Gooya and Ferren

After watching the game and the prize giving ceremony we went downtown and everyone was celebrating, hugging, kissing and having a jolly good time. Well, when I say everybody I meant everyone except for the French supporters. Here is a video of the crowd as we are walking down to downtown Auckland, crazyness!

What a fantastic feeling, I’m on such a buzz with a big smile on my face. I’m gonna have sweet dreams this morning.

Yeah yur!!!

Till Then

p.s Please give Piri Weepu a break, the man has done an excellent job and without him the All Blacks would have had a harder time getting to the finals. He is da MAN!


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