How not to hurt when other people call you names

Why aren’t they bothering others with the name calling? Is it because they are normal or is it because their not a threat or special enough to warrant the abuse? Once you can put it in your head that your abusers are afraid of the unknown and they call you names to weaken you, every encounter will only make you stronger. The words will no longer hurt and will instead validate your existence. There is only one you on this earth and YOU seem to affect so many people, rile their emotions up enough to take the energy to hurl abuse at you. Instead of feeling anger change your mindset and see it as power. Find a way to use this power to your advantage. Regardless of the reception to your existence on this God given earth, is warm or hostile if it invokes a reaction then your doing something right. To stir emotions in people without doing anything can be seen as a powerful tool instead of a weakness.

Stand tall, proud and proclaim who you are for all to see. You can’t change your circumstances of birth but you can change the way you live your life. If you want to stop hurting when people throw careless taunts your way, then one way is to see it as a challenge and rise above it and make a name for yourself in whatever way you see fit. But know that these insensitive people cannot help what they do, they do not see it as an ugly trait, and they do not see their acts as something to be ashamed off. When they call you names it makes them feel powerful and validates their existence. Take that away from them, take that power away by showing them you don’t care. Once they know they can’t hurt you, the power struggle begins and they start to question their existence instead of questioning yours. These people are only there to make you stronger and when all else fails turn around and walk away and pretend to be deaf. It always works for me.

By the way here is a Friday funnies #7 for you


Till Then



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2 responses to “How not to hurt when other people call you names

  1. great points 😉 haha and the friday funny was particularly funny!

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