Lazy Sunday in November

MOH is out fishing and I’m just chilling at home with some gospel songs floating out from my laptop. Weather was nice and warm in the morning and I decided to do the laundry and then it started raining -_-. I have had to adapt and behold, indoor laundry drying attempt!

Nothing on TV, (Yes! After 9 years of living in New Zealand I finally have TV!) After watching re-runs of Wedding wars (which is crap btw) I decided to look through my photos on my phone. From the month of July till now:

Having a friendly board game session

Got into trouble with two good friends for skipping a wedding and organizing MOH birthday instead.  As you can see it was a simple dinner with friends. I wasn’t feeling well so we had to cut the festivities short.

Our writer Jos giving a brief to the creative team on the look that she wanted out of the photo shoot.

My memory of this night is as blurry as this photo. Note to self never ever EVER go mix sake, soju and red plum wine together!

Wasted 2 days of my weekend trying to recover. *blech

Awesome grafitti that has been covered now by very ugly ones.

The wonderful group of friends who came to support the play I was in playing a grandma with a Malaysian accent -_- Sorry Jos, the accent just came to life on it’s own.

Here are a few shots from Jing Guo from the show.

So yeah , my last three months in photos.

Till Then



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3 responses to “Lazy Sunday in November

  1. lucy

    first pict : wuahahahaha
    2nd pict: huaaaaa…i miss our boardgame time
    3rd pict:my card my card hahhaha
    4rd pict : i really missing u guys, especially to the one who owns this , that let my empty space inside my heart fill up with joyfulllllllness by only remembering how happy we were there….i wish i can fly over there right now…..-_-

    but no wolllly, we’ll see us together in a pict soon , aint we, baby doll… ({})

  2. who are those two good friends you got into trouble with? How come I never heard about that? It cant be me, cos I thought I was in the “Best friends” category. High light of the photo is that during these three months you pictured Grace with three different boys! Go Grace!!

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