Johnnie Walker- Black Circuit

Last Saturday I found myself tagging along with Eugenie to an invitations only event for Johnnie Walker in Kuala Lumpur (yes, I’m in Malaysia! More on that later). It was a free flow event and almost everyone was dressed in black and gold. So cool! There were ladies dressed in the Johnnie Walker attire walking around, being friendly and hospitable. The event only served whisky (I don’t like whisky, can’t stand it!) so it was quite a wasted event for me in that sense.

Personally, I felt that the event could have done with more people on the dance floor, supplied better performances and music/dj. Music was crap. Anyhoo, as they say it’s the company that makes the party and party we did (well as much as I could in 5 inch heels). I manage to rub shoulders with some of the Malaysian media as well as a few Miss Malaysia Universe contestants (yeah!) I whipped out my camera like a giddy school girl on an exciting school trip. Like all school trips it had its high and low moments.


Eugenie getting ready for a big night out

My outfit for the night. The dress I’m wearing is from Zara and has travelled everywhere with me. It’s the perfect party dress

Guest had a choice of cocktails and I loved this one made by Amanda.

Amanda in action

It was a carnival themed party and what is a carnival without beautiful women bedecked in feather and glitter?

Gabriella Robinson, who was such a nice lady.

Bervin was there from 7pm! By the time we got there it was already 12am and he still had one full bottle to go. Terror


I was introduced to Jeremy from Red FM who is a pretty cool chap. Totally helps that he looks like a Kpop trainee.

On our way home to zzz after a fun night out.

Oh, before I go, I must tell you this story. I was sitting on a couch resting my poor aching feet ( I bought 5 inch heels for this party, oh the pain!). I was just sitting there minding my own business when this woman sitting on the other couch on my left leans over to the side (facing me) and starts puking her face out. I’m like @_@… so tidak classy oi! Puhleasseee LADIES! If your gonna drink in a club, looking all glam and shit don’t ruin that image of yours and other women all over the world by puking your guts out in public! Do it in the toilet and if you can’t hold it in, do it in the bushes if you must, for goodness sake!

Far out, if you can’t drink, then don’t.

Till Then




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  1. oh..finally an your final advice, thats my attitude.

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