Merry Christmas from MsAudreyC and Family

Hi guys,

Christmas is just around the corner so I enlisted the help of my beautiful cousin Joyce and sister Ash to help me make a video to send out happy feelings and positive vibe out onto the world wide web. I hope you have a fun end of the year and may you be able to look forward to the New Year with eagerness and happiness.


We had some problems with the sound so the audio and video don’t match as we had to record it at separate times (but both on the same night). Bad acting and primo lip synching for the win!


Till Then



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One response to “Merry Christmas from MsAudreyC and Family

  1. I had so much fun watching this, probably not as much fun as you girls making it. I passed my driving test today, very happy! Maybe, just maybe one day I can help you drive the kids to school. You lost weight, from the shrinked size of your face I tell…

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