Malaysia Oh Malaysia ku

My father in law often talks about the state that Malaysia is in and how it will only get worse because no one in power is doing anything to take a step forward, to face the fire and wrath of many to make the change that Malaysia needs in order to reach their 2020 vision that Datuk Mahathir had when he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I know a lot of students that are mentioned in the article. Bright, entrepreneurial hard working students who have decided to stay on and not go back to Malaysia due to the fact that the quality of life would not be as good as the one that they can find for themselves here in New Zealand .

Over here in New Zealand there is an even playing field for those who are not afraid to work hard. Although we do have some cases of racism here I don’t think it can compare to the problems that we currently have in Malaysia . I still love my country but I am constantly afraid that someday things will come to a point of no return and it will erupt like a volcano, disrupting the lifes of the people in Malaysia and leaving destruction and waste in its wake.

Although it is all gloom and doom the author has not touched on the fact that the younger generation of today are more well informed then their parents ever were with the accessability of internet and the world wide web. Children and young adults are more in tune to what is happening in the world today and they know that what is happening in Malaysia right now is not right and they are starting to stand up for themselve. Many like me don’t want to leave Malaysia and have hopes of going back one day. But I would like it to be a safe and stable place. I don’t need it to be paradise. I need Malaysia to be a place where everyone respects or at least tolerate different religions, politicians are not calling each other monyet (monkey) in parliamentary sessions, no officials speaking on National tv about how great one race is and how unreliable another race is. I need a country where recognition is given due to those who have the skills and talent and not because of how they look, speak or what skin colour they are. I can see and know a many young Malaysians who are trying to break the mold and are trying to work together to build a Malaysia that they can be proud of. Malays, Indian, Iban, Dusun, Chinese, Kadazan..there is just too many races to mention and individually we have charateristics that can make this country shine imagine what would happen if we combined our efforts?


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