A ‘Can We’ Wedding in March

This is a couple of months behind but I attended a wedding in March and it was set in a lush tropical garden somewhere out west (the name of the place escapes me) but the gardens and the place where the dinner was held was so pretty and memorable.

The beautiful bride walking down the garden path to her future husband to be. Her father was the pastor for the wedding and I have to say his speeches during the wedding ceremony were one of the best.

A beautiful kiss to seal a wonderful promise

Personally for me, I think what makes a wedding is the personal touches and details, the food, the wine and most importantly the people who grace the event. This wedding had it all! Love it!

I was surprised to see this photo, here is the official members of channel b0ng. We are missing Kelvin Soo and Pearson Chin.

King and his radiant (and expecting) wife Tania.

I love the expressions in this photo 🙂

After a few glasses of wine -_-

Here is everyone at our table

Towards the end of the night where everyone was rushing for drinks before the bar closes at 11pm.

 Thanks for the invitation Jeanette and Ken ❤

Till Then


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  1. steph

    love the blue dress!!

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