Fifty Shades of Grey.

There was a lot of hoo haa about this book and I was intrigued enough to go out and get the whole 3 book trilogy.

I must say I was not disappointed. I am a big fan of romantic novels so the love scenes in these kind of books don’t really alarm me. Trust me there are some pretty kinky stuff out there, I can handle this (or so I thought!) but this book has open up a whole new world for me.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you without revealing too much but I want to touch on certain aspects of the book that made a strong impression on me.

The kinkiness

Within the pages I am introduced into a world which I always thought was really very dirty. A place where only bad people lurked (sorry, I couldn’t describe it any other way then ‘bad people’). But you know what I’m talking about, you know, ‘those’ people, the ones with lecherous backgrounds, people who are crazy, take drugs and self harm. What kind of person would be into ropes and other kinky stuff. Right? Reading the book and meandering through the internet has given me the answer and it is ALOT OF PEOPLE are into this sort of thing. I never knew!

These are normal people who you wouldn’t give a second glance as they pass you by on the street, mums, dads, the nice couple on the block, some of this people would be in their bedrooms getting tied up and spanked till they expire out of pleasure. There goes my assumptions and pompous generalisations out of the window! To me I have found that it’s just a different perspective on sex.


I will never look at the word ‘vanilla’ in the same light again.

The story of a needy man

At work I find myself smiling to myself as I recall some parts of the book, funnily enough its never about the sex scenes but more on the intimate parts; the shy smiles, the hugs and the conversations.

I have always been attracted to possessive men, I like being controlled to a certain extent and the male protagonist is very, very possessive. In real life I don’t think I would want to date someone like that. That is why the book is so much fun, I get to indulge in a fantasy and end the relationship the moment I put the book down.

In the book the male protagonist is handsome and a billionaire (lol, I’m sorry but I chuckled out loud on this, why do the men always have to be handsome and rich?). It helps the story along but the way the story was written I don’t think it would have mattered if he looked like any average Joe with the stuff he was into.

The fashion

What I do feel safe to explore into certain aspects from the book is the fashion. Maybe a bit of leather, yes, to the tailored fitted styles and elegant hair style and immaculate makeup.

The high heels, the polished look, very Dita.

The book doesn’t touch very much on the clothes (except for certain articles of clothing). But it did bring to mind one of my favourites chapters in Sherlock Holmes regarding ‘The Woman”. There is a series at the moment which is a modern adaptation of the book and I love, love, love the clothes on it. Love it. Particularly, the series where Sherlock meets his match in ‘The Woman’.

The music- Ah yes, this is where I fell in love with the book

I am the type of person that has music for every important stages in my life.

8 years old – Diana by Paul Anka
12 years old – Edelweiss the sound of music
16 years old – Sunday Morning by No Doubt and soon replaced by Stupid Girl by Garbage
19 years old – Just breathe by Telepopmusik
20 years old – Jusui Negai by Tokyo Jihen
21 years old – Try by Macy Gray
25 years old – Verdi : La Traviata – Prelude to Act 1- which coincidently is in the book as well

The only time I did not have a specific music in my mind was when I met MOH. When I met MOH all was silent, like the quiet before the storm. But that’s another story.

I think I fell in love with the book because of the playlist that the author weaved throughout the 3 books. It’s a short playlist but anyone who incorporates good music in their book has won half my love.

The book introduces some songs that I am familiar with and some that have aroused my curiosity enough to Google it and have a listen. Some were nice and others like the ones below are… amazing.

Favourites (if you check the videos out you can see other fans of the book commenting on their fav parts of the book and one part they almost all agree on is the music)

For the full playlist you can go here: Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack

While reading the book I too had my own personal play list playing in my head as I delved into the book.

Below are my choice of songs:

Yes, I personally thought Emelie Sande songs were really suitable for the book.

Of course, you might read the book and think its just pure smut but I found it interesting and the story was easy to follow. I really did enjoy the playful banter between both protagonist. But oh dear, what I truly enjoyed was the introduction to a world I ever knew about till now.

I doubt the series will ever win an award for wittiness and beautiful prose but there is a certain sadness to it that really pulls at my incurable romantic heart strings. I liken this book to a romance novel that is on a joy ride with whips and clamps and little bit of crazy thrown into it.

Laters, baby.

p/s If you have already read the book I am sure you went and Googled the word ‘submissive’, o.m.g @_@ I know right.

pp/s I found myself googling key words and feel like the female protagonist from the book. Like a dirty litte secret, I search online to ‘research’ more on the topic from the safety of my couch.

One word, wow. There is this whole world out there. It makes it so much more then just sex. It’s an act, a performance with a glorious ending.



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6 responses to “Fifty Shades of Grey.

  1. ok definitely intrigued now after reading your post. i kind of wrote it off before, haha. these days i don’t get as much time to read so i have to be pickier..

  2. swan

    HAHAHHAHA OMG love your review!!! i don’t know if i can ever bring myself to write a review on it!! seriously out of this world, oh no, my world, to be more correct haha..

    EL James has used ALL the adjectives there is from the dictionary, and overused them, I stress, now whenever I read a freaking adjective I automatically link it to FIFTY SHADES OMYGAWDDD HELP ME PLEASEEEE LOL

    Laters, baby ©

    HAHAHAHHA omgggg just about to start the 2nd book.. i’m in for a ride!

    • Swan!!!! I know right! I can’t explain it either, is it the sex? The characters? Definitely not the writing or is it? What is it?


      Laters, baby.

      p/s OOh, let me know what you think about the 2nd book.

  3. “Twilight, plus some spanking, minus the sparkly vampires. 50 Shades of Gray purely for teenagers mind

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