MsAudreyC Top 5 picks for Miss Malaysia Earth 2012

If you have seen Miss Earth Malaysia Facebook page then you will understand what I mean when I say that the official photos of the contestants are atrocious. The photos are horribly pixelated and pasted onto a very ugly background. It’s a pity that the fans of the pageant are introduced to the contestants in such an alarming manner. I guess they don’t believe in the expression that “The first impression is the lasting impression”.


Below are my top 5 picks to win the competition. I had to scour the internet for some decent photos:

In no particular order;

Deidre Ann Walker (Sabah)

Kylie Wong (Tualang)

Joanna Marie Faurillo (Sabah)

Deviyah Daranee a/p Radhakrishnan (Kuala Lumpur)

 Xandria Ban

Last year 2 out of my 5 picks got into Top 5 (but the winner was not one of them) Do you think I have better chance at predicting the winners this year? Personally I think top three will be held by Deidre, Xandria and Kylie. What do you think?

Till Then



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2 responses to “MsAudreyC Top 5 picks for Miss Malaysia Earth 2012

  1. gladysdavid


    I didn’t know you blog! i came here through your twitter link.

    I don’t normally follow beauty pageants but with all the frequent twitter updates on the topic, one can’t help but be in the know. My favs are Xandria n Joanna.

    I know, I’m very biased to fellow Sabahans ;p

    • Hey Glady’s yup have had a blog for almost a decade now, it’s just bits and pieces of stuff I’m into and have been doing. How are you?

      I am totally biased on the Sabah girls as well! I was very tempted to put all 4 Sabah girls on the Top 4 ;p

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