Miss Earth Malaysia 2012- The final results

Before I start I just want to say congratulations to the winners and I am totally gutted that Xandria and Joanna did not get a placing. 😦

Anyhoo, here are the winners.

From left:  Teoh Lee Miang (23), Deidre Ann Walker (18),  Deviyah Daranee a/p Radhakrishnan (20), Kylie Wong (19), Elaine Kho (17)

In terms of placing;

Winner: Deviyah Daranee a/p Radhakrishnan (KL)

2nd: Deidre Ann Walker(Sabah)

3rd: Kylie (Perak – Tualang)

4th: Teoh Lee Miang (Pahang)

5th: Elaine Kho (Sarawak -Miri)


It must have been a close fight between Deidre and Deviyah and so it ends when Deviyah came out top this time round. Browsing through photos of the winners it was noted that Deviyah competed in Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 but did not get a placing. Well, this is her time to shine and I’m sure she’ll wow the judges on the international stage.

In last post I did a prediction and I got 3 out 5 winners. Not bad at all but I am still sad that the Sabah girls did not dominate the top 4 places.

Photo taken from Miss Earth Malaysia facebook.

Till Then



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