All play and no work, except for getting reported to animal control

All play and no work makes me lose weight. I know, I don’t get how that works either. Is it because I am not sitting behind a desk for 8 hours with only two 15 minute breaks in between and one half an hour lunch break?

Is it because I have stopped munching at my desk as I try to get the report done before the end of the day approaches? Is it because I no longer have to stuff my face whenever a colleague is leaving, has a baby, has a birthday or is promoted?

Or it could be due to the fact that I am now officially broke and can’t spend any money on snacks. Either way it’s a win-win situation for me. Well, except for the empty bank account which became official yesterday. Also, yesterday was the first time my neighbor called animal control on me.


I was letting the dogs out for a short run and they usually run around for 5 minutes and run back into the garage. But then yesterday was different. They ran around and totally ignored me when I called them to me and ran up to my neighbors house. The neighbors cats were outside and they scooted away when they saw the dogs but my neighbor came out shouting “The dogs are not allowed on my property. Get them off my property!”. I apologized and got the dogs under control, while I was moving away she was telling me how one of her cats was blind and bla bla bla. Honestly, it’s hard to concentrate when I’m trying to control two eager dogs who look at my neighbor and thought she was playing a game with them as she would try to come out and scream at me but then would retreat back (she is screaming the whole time) when the dogs get close to her to sniff and play. So all I heard was bla bla bla …” if this happens again I will call animal control”. I looked up and said “ok”.

I thought that was the end of it but what do you know 2 hours later animal control came knocking on my door. The lady was really nice and just ask me to leash the dogs when I walk them.Apparently Samoyeds, huskies and any of the Nikita breed love to hunt cats, it’s in their blood. “Fucking neighbors, I should have let the dogs get one of em at least for all this trouble “. Sorry, for a few seconds while the lady from animal control was chatting to me this un-explainable rage came over me and images of injured cats and dog shit bombs at my neighbors front door just made me smile a little inside. Not that I would harm animals, I love cats but my neighbors are weird. They have a living room full of birds in this huge cage (so effectively they have no living room) and they freak out whenever they see my dogs (ok, 3 years ago when my dog was still a puppy it went into their house and scared the living daylights out of the mum). But, that was like 3 years ago!

It doesn’t help that I mistrust people who don’t like dogs. How can you not like dogs? Especially ones who look like this?

Anyhoo, so animal control came, spoke to me and left (all of this happened in under 5 minutes). I got my urge to ‘stomp over to the neighbors to scream inane stuff to them’ under control and just went about my business as usual.

So the whole point to this story is that after that, everything just felt wrong and I had this massive self pity party.

And I have no idea why. Deep down inside I was thinking of ways to make my neighbors pay but really it was my fault. I think I’m going all Jekyll and Hyde over the no snacks in the afternoon issue. Do you think it’s withdrawal symptoms?


Till Then



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19 responses to “All play and no work, except for getting reported to animal control

  1. papams

    Nahh… not withdrawal symptoms.. just really “challenging” neighbors! I’d feel the same if I were you. Can’t believe you could tolerate them for that long!

  2. that sucks! thankfully i have decent neighbours, mostly, tho one of them complained of us having a dog.. maybe my cats have learned to bark haha

  3. NB

    If it were me, I will pretend to be as weird and as crazy as your neighbor and complain about birds being put in a cage cause it’s cruel. Birds are suppose to be flying freely instead of caged. That’s why they have wings instead of hands. Call PETA or animal protection service or something. haha!

    • I know right! I feel exactly the same way, but thinking like that also makes me feel slightly hypocritical seen I do have dogs as pets and when I walk them they are leashed. But there is something about keeping birds that seems so sad. You hit it on the spot about having wings and not hands.

      • NB

        I have dogs too and I put them on leash when I take them for a walk not because I want to restrain their freedom, but for their safety. You know lah in Sabah ni, if found anjing lari2 without owner, dorg tangkap and masak/hinugu bikin pusas. And mind you, drivers here are crazyyyy. Residental area pun dorg buat mcm racetrack. I don’t like the idea of having birds as pets. I love birds, especially owls! but thinking to make it as pets, you have to cage it just for your amusement sounds so wrong. unless it is chicken then I’m not going to say anything. hehe

      • Oh that is really nice of you to walk your dogs ESPECIALLY in Sabah. Right in front of my house is a reserved park so I don’t have to leash them as there are rarely people around and I live on a quiet street. Unfortunately my dogs were not listening to me that day and then drama lagi la 😦

      • NB

        I have to do it. Supaya the dogs can get familiar with the housing area. If they terlepas pun, they won’t get lost. Also, so that they won’t be so savage if they are out of the gate. I believe that if dogs are caged or leashed or never have gone one step out of the house or house gate, they can get a bit psycho toward innocent strangers. My previous neighbor from across the street got this one dog yg very quite and never get to familiarize the world outside their house gate. ada satu kali the owner lupa tutup the gate, the dog bit an innocent bypasser yg on foot. He didn’t bark, just bit. My dog doesn’t really listen to my command as well. I think it has something to do with the breed kali bah

      • lol, unfortunately for dogs of any breed kan if you don’t train them from puppies (8 weeks) susah mau instill discipline to. Cause even then diorang pandai pura-pura tuli tu

      • NB

        I’ve heard that b4 as well. Tapi tidak berapa percaya pula. But I did raised a Rottweiler pup b4 and the past owner said that the training should start when the pup is around 2 months old. So I just thought its a training for rottweiler only. Mmg sy ada ikut and the pup mmg dgr ckp. Too bad the pup got disease and died before she even reached 10 months. I hv never had any pup as obedient as her. So I guess the training thing from the age of 2 months is real deal lah tu kan.

      • Yeah, puppies should be taught as early possible, basic tricks like sit, roll, stay, heel (walking beside you instead of dragging you) are all the tricks that an 8 week old puppy can start to learn.
        Percaya la tu jangan tidak percaya.

        Aww so sad to hear about your rottie 😦 Bila kena train butul that breed memang topz la orang bilang. Anjing kampung pun bulih train actually easier to train them cause they very smart.

      • NB

        Yes! I am still amaze how clever anjing kampung ni. My boy owns satu anjing kampung umur setahun lebih and it amuses me each day sejak akhir2 ni. It listens command very well and can climb tangga, cat style. You know cats will never climb the house stair like people do kan? mmg dorg naik/panjat/lompat from the side, if you get what I mean. The dog watch the cats do that all the time and we were not aware since when, tu anjing kampung pun pandai ikut suda. And I discover that the dog can be told to fetch a plastic full of rubbish and pile it di tempat bakar sampah depan rumah my boy. Compare to my shihtzu, it would ignore me if I tell it to fetch its toy!

      • Alamak! my dog at home in Kk does that too, well he climbs the gate like a rock climber. Been trying to record it so I can put it on youtube! mad skillz la anjing kampung

    • NB

      haha! Mine don’t want to show the skill to public. Last time I saw he do that pun ngam2 saya pusing kepala. And my mom pup can climb pagar besi yang kena balut getah hijau tu. When I saw the pup in my neighbour back yard, I thought the neighbour got new puppy that looks like my mom’s. When I told my mom, my mom said ‘memang kita punya tu. biarlah, dia pandai panjat balik tempat kita juga tu’
      but when my mom brought it to our kampung home at Papar, the pup can climb the stone hill, but don’t know how to climb back down. not so anjing kampung already. hahaha!

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