The police came over last night.

What would you do if you find out that your partner was cheating on you?

My housemate faced that question last night and his answer was to take his girlfriends mobile phone throw it outside and then picked her up and threw her out in the mud. Then, he locked the door and called her a slut.

While all this was happening I was blissfully asleep until I heard wailing and crying. Me and MOH got out of bed to see what had happened. The lights were turned on in the living room but no one was there, my other housemate Jenny was outside her room door looking as confused as us. I opened the front door to find the girl sitting right outside the door, covered in mud and crying her eyes out. I asked her to go in and she refused saying she didn’t want to get the floor all dirty. I told her “It’s late and no one cares about the floor right now, just get in”. She comes in and the guy comes out from wherever he was and tells us she has been cheating on him. While they are arguing the phone rings. MOH told me leave it, but really, who the hell would call at this time.

So, I picked it up. “Hello, this is the police, we heard that there was a disturbance in your house?”. I hesitated and then blurted out “Yes, there was and I think you should come over right now”. “Ok, what happened?” he asked. “They started arguing and he threw her out of the house” I said. “What is his name?” I answered and he asked “What is his full name” by then the housemate is there watching me so I mumbled “I don’t know”. The policemen continued asking if he had any weapons? I whispered “No, I don’t think so”. “Is he there is that why you can’t answer me properly”. I mumbled a “Yes”. In the end the cop said they will send someone over.

I stayed in the living room with the girl and the guy came over and started getting all worked up again saying stuff like “Did you think of me when you spread your legs for him? huh? Did you???”. The girl gave him the finger and said “Well, you would know all about that wouldn’t you?”. They kept going on and on and on. There I was uninterested, tired and sleepy and after a few more rounds of  arguing, I gave up and turned to the girl “Wake me up when the police arrive” and walked off to bed.

She never did wake me up and I found out later in the morning that the guy left and they sent him to his mum’s. He was told to reimburse the girl for destroying her laptop and mobile phone.  The police gave them a choice that either one of them leaves the house or both of them will get arrested. MOH thinks the guy opted to leave so that he can use his mum’s laptop to play his Facebook game since he smashed his ex girlfriends laptop. The guy left with scratches to his neck and back and his t-shirt was torn. Aiyah, drama la.

Now, no one is home and they are not allowed to see each other for 3 days. The girl has gone to stay with her ‘friend’ for the night and has asked if she can still stay with us. I don’t think I want another night like this.

Here is a quote I thought was an apt way to end this blog post with. “Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies, quite unlike people, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate”-Sigmund Freud

Till Then



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10 responses to “The police came over last night.

  1. holy crap.good on you for calling the police. glad it didnt turn too ugly and your house is not a shambles!

  2. NB

    Kalau di sini KK, police will not take action unless there are physical actions going on. Last time my neighbor who lives across the street was bickering, the wife shouted at the husband about sleeping with their Tatur amah. Police came but look only for 5 to 10 mins top, then walk away saying ‘luar bidang kuasa polis’ and stated it was household issues. People in the neighborhood wasn’t complaining either.

    • I found this amusing, I mean it’s sad that the wife found out about her husbands cheating but at least she did not physically assault him. The housemate carried her from the room and threw her out onto the ground outside the front door. Pyscho bah tu. Gila eh.

      Also the fact that the polis still came to the house is amazing, at least they came to check. Not bad.

      • NB

        Ya bah. the husband was influenced by meth jugak bah. He insisted that he was sleeping with his wife, which made us all yg sedang menonton drama sebalik tabir ni ketawa. He said he was humping his wife, which actually is the Tatur, then suddenly another person who looked like his wife screamed at the opened door that he was cheating on him. He was confused. Of course the police doesn’t know that he was on high, just thought this man was trying to give his unreasonable reasons to the angry wife. But thank God juga that he is sober now and happy with his wife and kids.

        So your housemate still live with you or are you going to kick her out. If you do, make sure you don’t threw her out like her guy did. hehe!

      • Wah I got drama but your drama lagi drama wei.

        The guy has left and he was really decent about it. We tried to ask the girl to leave but she broke down saying she really like staying with us and she doesnt want to move out. So, we are giving her another chance and hope everything works out. I will definitely not throw her out, don’t have the muscles for it.

      • NB

        Ahh~ That is so nice of you. Klau sy, mmg out the door already la the housemate.

      • Really meh? Sampai nangis tidak bulih nafas tau 😦

      • NB

        NB is a heartless girl.. muahahahahahaha!
        Well that was in my mind only. I never experience it before kan. I don’t know what I’ll do if a person crying and begging want to stay like that. But I’ll probably raise the rent? Just coz I love money. haha!

      • I totally get where your coming from 🙂 Bah, if she putus janji then what to do she has to move la. sanang saja.

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