Orang Sabah Style <3

Ever since the original ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’ exploded around the world not surprisingly there has been heaps of parodies done of the song and music video around the world. A recent one that has just come up is from my hometown Sabah done by a group of youths in conjunction with Merdeka (Independence) Day which is just around the corner (31st of August 2012).

Don’t worry it’s in Hakka/Mandarin but there is English translations for banana’s like me and those who don’t understand the language.

I really loved the wonderful message at the end.

“Orang Sabah Style wish all Malaysian fellows ‘Happy National Day’. Regardless of West or East Malaysia we are one family.”

So true.

Till Then



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4 responses to “Orang Sabah Style <3

  1. NB

    I was laughing the moment I saw the paper plane that connected with, i think, a straw. the boys’ singing was so bad but hey! it’s a parody! No parody maker sings better than the original singer kan? Which I think had made the parody even funnier. ROFL!

  2. They can really dance, that, I give to them. Hahaa.
    But really entertaining from start to finish.

    Salute, orang Sabah.

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