Thursday night secret date with MOH

When MOH came home from work, he told me we were going out after dinner and ask me to wear a dress. He didn’t tell me much after that and with so little information I got ready.

I wasn’t too sure what to wear since I didn’t know where we were going so I went with the classic black dress and very high heels. I’m glad I went for a manicure in the afternoon as a self treat.

While waiting I took a photo and posted it on Instagram (follow me on msaudreyc). At this time it did hit me that the countless times MOH said he had a surprise it would inevitably end up being a gift that was for me but indirectly be for him. Cunning, yes?

We played a game during the car ride to the city and he was to say yes or no to every guesses I made.

“Is it a movie?”


“Is it a musical?”


“Is it a product launch?”


“Is it a…fishing EXPO!”

“Of course not! This is 100% for you baby. Trust me!”

“oh…I have run out guesses”

MOH cannot keep surprises and when I was stumped he let out this loud cackle that I have never heard before.

It was amazing, I didn’t know I could make him so happy.

When we got to the place I was so surprised! He bought tickets to the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

What a wonderful surprise, and it is definitely 100% for me as I caught MOH nodding off during the piano concerto a couple of times.

It was a beautiful piano concerto by pianist John Chen and conductor  Radoslaw Sculz. They performed Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Piano Concerto No.1 in D Minor.

Here is a description of the concerto Piano Concerto No.1 in D minor

The pianist played the music beautifully, and the orchestra and its conductor was amazing. I had goosebumps through out the whole concerto. I liked how the conductor danced his way through the whole show. It was as if his body was an instrument that he used to convey his emotions and wants to the crowd, the orchestra and the pianist.

There are three movements to this concerto but my favorite is the second movement.

A fan commented on the video”…this movement was written for Clara Schumann (Brahms was in love with her for most of his life, but could never have her), and Rubinstein learned this work when he was twelve. As this performance is near the end of his life, I think it’s really beautiful to see this as a reflection of almost eighty years of studying this piece. Sort of like a statement about where he came in his life.”

After the concerto MOH bought me gelato. The perfect ending to a perfect night.  We also manage to squeeze in some Dota 2 after that (but that’s another story)

Us, waiting for the concerto to start.

Till Then



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