Visiting Tania and her baby girl

It is such a weird feeling when one of your girlfriends has a baby. It makes life seem much more precious and beautiful. It also makes life real, very, very, real.

“I love being a mum, best thing in the world. But when she cries…” and then Tania  will give her signature ‘ya know what I mean look’. Little Marissa wasn’t feeling all too comfortable and was getting restless and agitated. While we were chatting Marissa was still fidgety and look like she was about to start crying so mama moved her around trying all sorts of angles. It seems baby loves the cheek to cheek contact. I could see her little baby face going all “ahhh, finally a sweet spot”.

Aww, Tania you look so beautiful and your baby looks like she has found her favorite spot, in your arms.

Till Then


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