Pregnant 19 year old abused and it’s caught on security camera. Facebook war ensues. ***update***


Malaysian Digest has published an online article regarding an interview with the victims husband. You can read about it here: Why I Beat Up My Wife: Man At Centre Of CCTV Assault Case Tells His Story

A lot of people around the social media scene are now pedaling backwards and commenting a type of  “See la, we should always see the other side of the story before we start condemning and pointing fingers”. ” I knew the guy had valid reasons for being violent and hitting his pregnant wife”. “You see la, the wife deserved it”. “They married too young”. “They deserve each other”.

Eh? Hello people, how does this make what he did any less uglier then it really is? He lost his temper and hit and slapped and pushed his PREGNANT WIFE around. He suffers mild depression? Heck, I can count on BOTH hands and feet of the amount of people I know who suffer from one case or another of depression. It’s nothing new son and it’s not something you can fall back on as a “I was sick, I couldn’t help myself”. So what if your wife cheated on you? Instead of hitting her with your fist you should have hit her with divorce papers. He already knew she suffered from depression shouldn’t that be an indication to be more careful and watchful and get her medical and moral support? If he thought his mother in law was crazy then isn’t that ANOTHER indication as to what he was getting himself into. I am a true believer in signs. There are signs everywhere and it is up to the person to OPEN THEIR DAMN EYES, to see it and acknowledge it and to act on it. As for you people who back track from labeling him  a monster (because everyone was in a frenzy over it) into a “Oh, so that is why he did it, understandable la” you guys should let your self loose in a field of grass and eat it like sheeps. Cause that is what you are, sheeps, sheeps that follow the crowd. It is people like you who tolerate such behaviors that our country is plagued with idiotic judges, rapist and abusers. I’m not just talking about the men here I am also looking at our women. Yes, women too are at fault. It is the society we live in and I pray to God that we all wake up before something terrible happens to shows us the error of our ways.

****end of update***

I saw this video being shared around by my friends on Facebook and I clicked on it out of curiosity. What I saw was really sad and heart wrenching. It also made me very angry. In the first two videos a young woman is being abused by a man (who I later found out was her husband). She posted two videos on her Facebook and the second video shows the husband slapping her furiously.

What makes this video so sad is that she was two months pregnant with their baby when this happened. The husband blames his mother in law for the problems in his marriage (and he takes it out on his wife). Women are precious things, human beings are precious things. Instead of hitting her he should have just walked away from the situation. Unfortunately, he let his emotions get the better of him and used brute force instead. For the record, physical and mental abuse is a big no no in a relationship REGARDLESS OF GENDER.

Here is the two videos from her facebook, CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO GO TO THE VIDEO;

First video:

Second video:

After the incident, the mother of the victim went back to the shop to get back her daughters clutch and she was abused as well.

This is so wrong.

For more information you can click on the post below where the blogger has a total summary of what happened and has collected information (via social media) from both sides. He has photos and links to both parties facebook.

Link: Abuse Case brought to Facebook – Calven Chik & Amanda Fong

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12 responses to “Pregnant 19 year old abused and it’s caught on security camera. Facebook war ensues. ***update***

  1. Fyin

    After reading the link you put up there, I can only say that this is going to be one very ugly case. Nevertheless, judging from the video, there is no reason for him to hit his wife and his mother-in-law at all. He can blame on them for whatever he wants; but it does not give him the right to abuse either of them physically. If Amanda is telling the truth about him taking advantage of their company for his own benefit, he is what we call ‘psychopaths’, an individual who would lie and take advantage of the vulnerable with little ounce of conscience. This is just my two cents.

    • I think he knows he is in trouble and is retaliating in the only way he knows how but it will be very bad for him. If not legally then in public. His full name and everything kena highlighted. He will not be a very popular guy for a very long time.

  2. This is his FB page. He still insists that he is the victim, Pathetic!

    • Ya, he and his estranged wife are now fighting it out on Facebook. Not sure that is a good idea. I understand the wife put her abuse out onto Facebook to show the public what her husband has been doing but I think it has escalated into something that should be handled by lawyers and the police.

  3. Fyin

    That’s true…. he probably did all this to confuse everyone. However, I got to say that the ultimate irony is the medical report on his wife. He claimed that his mother-in-law was trying to influence his wife into abortion; but his abusive manner, as according to the medical report, showed that there were abdominal pain, bruises and wounds; and was an ‘abortion’ threat to his unborn child. Someone did raise the question on how would he behave in such a way when there’s a cctv in place and how did Amanda know what was sold from the shop. I do believe that he might have been abusive for some time; but had no real evidence to back it up – thus probably set up the cctv or gained access to the video without his knowledge. In addition, there’s a good chance he’s on a run, not turning up at the shop so that haters will not turn up there to bash him up. Yet, he decided to take some stock with him as means of supporting himself while on a run.

    Regardless of whatever assumptions I have made, we still don’t know what really happened. However, one thing remains true: it’s very wrong to abuse any woman and the video is there to back it up. Even if he really doesn’t want her to leave the shop, he could have easily just manned the auto-lock or block the door way instead of outright abusing her, it’s not that difficult.

    • Yes, your right. He just ‘lost’ it as it clearly shows on the video. I don’t really keep up with the Facebook saga that is going on because I think it will just make me angry.

    • Thanks I just saw this on my Facebook this morning. I understand where he is coming from but I think what really makes me kick up a fuss is everyone elses reaction to the article. His side of the story does not make his actions acceptable. It’s just very sad and I know that this is happening all over the place.

      • Carolyine Chau

        Yeah, i’ve read the RD article too..from the clips, newspapers, links, articles etc..I support NEITHER of them!! Why?? Basically the guy made the most stupidest move by beating up his wife and MIL (women) regardless that the wife is pregnant or not (which make it EVEN worse!!) but at the same time my anger seem to subside a little (just a little) as he publicly apologise and feel remorse AND will accept any punishment due to his action..being a REAL man, you must be able to face the consequences!! As for the girl, ok pity beat up..pregnant 2 months..bla..bla..bla..IF what the guy claimed are true (the cheated with a Datuk part, suidical etc part) then she is a Bitch and put a bad name for us called WIVES..If you are beaten up like that, WHY the hell took you 5 days to make police report?? Instead choose to upload the cctv clips to youtube..FB..?? Then, the mother also was looking for trouble when going back in the shop just to get the daughter’s handbag?? what’s more valuable inside the bag than your life?! So, my BONUS question is what happens if the child she’s carrying is in fact does NOT belong to him??!!

      • Hey Carol! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by (lol, macam house call gitu). His punishment (if you can call it that) is a maximum fine of up to RM2000 (that means he could be charge for less or nothing and a prison sentence of up to one year. So, to be honest nothing there to make him shake in his boots. So what if she cheated on him with another man (regardless of whether he is a Datuk or not) plenty of men and women cheat in this world this does not give us the right to beat the shit out of them. Once an abuser abuses they will continue to abuse and will use all sorts of excuses. The feeling of power is heady, to make someone afraid of them is a drug. That’s why bullies bully because they can. If she wasn’t cheating on him, then she is sick, suicidal, if she she was healthy then he would find other excuses to beat her up. The first thing that came to his mind when the videos came out was to blame his mother in law. He did not say “I was wrong, I was not in my right mind” he also confessed that this is not the first time it has happened.

        I disagree about her giving us wives a bad name. A lot of men cheat but that doesn’t mean all men are assholes. The same should be said for women and it has been proven that women cheat as much as men. Personally, I think it was smart of her to put it up on Facebook, let the evidence speak for itself. Creating a big hoo haa about a subject is one of the ways to effectively make a point and make sure your case is heard. Who knows if she did not do this, the police would not have done anything and would have told her to ‘sort it out you with your husband’. Malaysia is not known to protecting its women rights especially if it’s domestic stuff.

        I agree with you regarding the mum going back to the shop (alone some more, like wtf right?) to get the bags, I am not sure what is going there but this family all have a few loose screws in there. Together they were a disaster waiting to happen.

        If my blog post looked like I was supporting any side I apologize, I don’t really have a bias side. I wanted to use this opportunity to point out that domestic abuse is not acceptable. I would have the same stance if the man was abused in the relationship instead of the woman.

  4. NB

    No matter what the reason is, he should not have raise his hands on her. And she is pregnant some more. I have a cousin who is currently a pregger and I applaud her husband. Because my cousin is very violent. Her hormonal mood swings are very unstable. I almost can’t believe it when her sister told me how she carried a single seat couch and throw at her husband just because her husband was coming home late from work. The husband was able to avoid from getting hurt which made my cousin angrier. The husband also depressed and very stressed from my cousin’s behavior but still able to stay sane and not hit her wife back when she beats him. Yes they are young, they are troubled, they are depressed and bickering is normal in marriage. But physical violence is not suppose to be ‘understandable’ or tolerated no matter what. It is morally and ‘socially’ wrong.

    Woman was made from the rib of man.
    She was not created from his head to top him,
    nor from his feet to be stepped upon.
    She was made from his side to be close to him,
    from beneath his arm to be protected by him,
    and near his heart to be loved by!

    • Wah, your cousin is pretty hardcore babe. That is domestic abuse 😦 I hope she is able to control herself as I don’t think those fit of rage that she goes into is good for her or for her unborn child.

      I agree to your statement that there is never a reason to resort to physical violence with your spouse.

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