Rape is a culture that needs to be eradicated in Malaysia

When I was in Malaysia without fail there would be a story of rape/incest in the newspaper. Grandfather rape granddaughter, uncle rape niece, brother rape sister, woman raped in car park, outside a field, in the shopping mall toilet and all manner of vile things. The rape scene in Malaysia is atrocious, it happens so often that I am afraid we are becoming desensitized to it. I always wondered what type of human being would be able to do such acts of violence. The act of rape is not only a physical attack that has to be endured physically but it is also an attack on the soul. The body is our temple and when someone forces their way through it is a desecration of the temple. An unholy entry, vile and despicable in its act.

It has made me very very sad and angry when I read online that another man has been let off from a rape charge. Kindergarten owner, accused of raping a four year old (what the hell is happening!!!) has been released on bail. Judge calls the victims testimony “to be fantasy”. This is the nail in the coffin for me. I now understand why rape is rampant in Malaysia. It is because the justice system has failed. No one is afraid to rape as the chances of them going to jail is almost nil. You have a better chance of getting punished if you indulge in pre-marital sex between two consensual adults. Officials will actually roam the local motels to catch the couples in the act.

Here is the link to the article: Kindie owner freed of child rape, victim’s account ruled ‘fantasy’

Can you believe this line here?????

“We must not forget who is involved in this rape allegation, even if she is an adult, in which women have a tendency to exaggerate about a sexual act…”

Women.have.a.tendency.to.exaggerate??? What is this? A man has just forcefully inserted his male organ into her resisting body. She is in pain, she does not want this to happen, she hopes it is not really happening to her. She is used and abused and then discarded.  I am not sure which part a woman can exaggerate about rape. Why is it that when a man is rob of his gold and material things and he reports it the police take it seriously. But when a woman is robbed of her modesty she is either seen as ‘asking for it’ or there is not enough substantial evidence to prove that the act was indeed done?

Sadly, in Malaysia I believe women are still second rate citizens. Stories like the one I have shared with you is nothing new as it happens much too often. We need to take rape seriously if we are to protect our children, sisters, mothers, and womenfolk and prevent it from happening to them. Ladies, when you are out and about please;  always keep your eyes and ears open, be aware of your surroundings and stay calm if anything does happen. An opportunity will arise and when it does take it and never ever go down without a fight.

Here is a link to a post I did to bookmark one brave Malaysians account on how she narrowly escaped kidnap and rape: How not panicking can save your life. Surviving a kidnapping…and more




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8 responses to “Rape is a culture that needs to be eradicated in Malaysia

  1. Fyin

    I was absolutely furious when I read the news report for the first time. While I displayed my passive aggression on facebook in regards of this issue, I really believe that if the justice system should continue to monkey about this issue with their stupid male chauvinistic egoistic idiotic mentality, victims will be forced to take justice in their hands. Even if it isn’t the victims doing it, it will be the victim’s family and friends who will take it into their hands. I personally don’t condone such possible violent acts; however I think it’s worse to allow a rapist to get away with a crime and very possibly act this cruelty on another person(s). It sends a chill down my spine; but to think rapist get away with a slap on a wrist, the chill makes me nauseous. I certainly hope that our culture will stop protecting the offender and blaming the victim one day.

    • If anything like this were to happen to a cousin or a sister, my family would not hesitate to act. I shudder at the violence wrecked by my family members and it would not be from the male members but the females! I read the article and I thought it was joke. Honestly, I love Malaysia but some of the people living in the country, I shudder to think I share the same land, national anthem, food, water, space, breathing the same air. UGH! UGH!!!!!! (that’s me just going ape shit)

  2. NB

    Dear Lord! This is the third case of rapist being excused from punishment. Which four-year-old kids have sexual fantasies?! That is just preposterous!! They thought sex mean gender instead of sex in term of sexual intercourse. Rule out like this will made all other rape victims afraid to report their case.
    Women who are fond of BDSM or have any other weird kind of sexual fantasies will not report because they like it. They are prepare and consent for it. And say “the child *could have* come up with the rape story after watching a pornographic video.” Like for real? That is called second guessing kan? like making assumption which a judge should never done.
    And if the child is an adult, mungkinlah dia ada niat mahu aniaya orang. Ini, a mere four-year-old girl bah!

    • yabah, how la this? if a four year old story also cannot be believed I fear what they would do to an adult woman. One who knows what she is doing and knows that what has happened to her is wrong. All children when raised properly know what is right and wrong. What does one do to change this? I also don’t know.

  3. gahhhh everytime i come back and read reports on yet ANOTHER rape case, it just makes me so angry. it makes me feel as though the more we progress, the lighter the rape sentence is. i don’t understand how they let go a FATHER who raped his child on a pathetic 7 year sentence? or even the national bowler and electrician(HAHA) who were let go on the basis that they have “BRIGHT FUTURES”. makes me so angry!!! for gods sake we’re in the 21st century now, where other countries have such strict laws regarding rape etc. i don’t understand how malaysia acts like we’re still stuck in medieval times where ‘repentance’ is thrown around so lightly to get away from a heavier sentence.

    • Whether we like it or not, when it comes to women and children rights Malaysia is still stuck in the dark ages. Although I know there are some public efforts being done to change that. It is indeed very frustrating!

  4. Whoa, this is putting me off travelling to Malaysia by myself >.<

    And poor girl, a four year old probably does not even understand sex let alone fantasise about it, so how is it possible that a judge can say or even think that it's her fantasy?!? If we can't rely on the justice system to punish wrong-doers, who can we rely on?

    • Oh I hope it doesn’t put you off! Like everywhere else if you plan to stay safe and use your common sense in regards to your safety it should be fine 🙂

      How disgusting right? I am sure the young girl is traumatized for life. Your absolutely right, who can we rely on and sooner or later the victims and their family will take it upon themselves to seek justice their own way.

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