Housemate drama, this shit is still going on.

I promised to write this 5 days ago. What can I say? Things have been hectic here.

Anyhoo, last Saturday MOH received a text from the Russian housemate. She apologized for being a coward and how she could not do this in person. The big news is that *cue dramatic Star wars music…

She wants to  move out.

She can’t afford to stay with us and is moving out, effective immediately. She said she will pay the balance of her rent and move out. She will come by next week to pick up her stuff. So, MOH has been expecting this, he knew she wouldn’t last long with us after the ‘incident’. Click here to find out what I am refering to : ‘The Police Came Over Last Night’ .

Anyhoo, after the ‘incident’ we asked both her and her ex boyfriend to leave. But ex boyfriend left without us having to ask. When we told her we didn’t want her to stay she broke down and was sobbing her little heart out. Like this;

So we kesian her la right, I mean what else is there to do? MOH told her “Ok, you can stay but there will be a few rules. Nobody comes into the house except your sister and that one friend who visited you. If you can do this then you can continue to stay with us”. “Your new drug dealer boyfriend cannot come into the house. If  we catch you with him in here then your out. Ok?” To our surprise, without hesitation she said “Yes”.

So, she stayed on but from then on we only saw her once a week. She would come home to shower and get ready to go to work and then  hang out with her new boyfriend for the rest of the week. It was really strange, I was cleaning the garage one day (domestic goddess alert) and I saw this black car parked on the opposite side of the road around the corner and was thinking “Who the hell would park there???” and from the passenger seat  my housemate comes out of the car. Her boyfriend drives off. When driving away instead of going straight he turns and passes my house instead. “Wtf, why didn’t he just drop her in front of the house if he was going to pass my house?”. So I asked her about it one day when we were both at home and she said “Oh, we did it out of respect”.  I’m like “Huh? We said he can’t come into the house that doesn’t mean he can’t park outside the house when he picks you up or drops you off”

-_- Folks, by now warning signs were popping in my head and told me I got a strange one here (why, oh why did I not see it when  they first came over to the house to check out the room).

Anyhoo, back to her text. So MOH was ok with her moving out and told her to let him know when she was coming over to take her stuff. She still has her clothes, shoes, food and everything else with us. She said she could only come next week to pick up her stuff. I felt uncomfortable with having her stuff in the house even though she wasn’t living here anymore. She stopped paying rent and now she wants to use the house as a storage area?

Oh, hell no.

So, I sent her a text and she replied back and her last reply was super weird:

Me: Hey, I understand your moving out and that’s cool. But can you take your stuff this Sat or Sun instead of ‘sometime’ next week?

She: Why would you be uncomfortable?

*** she has the balls to ask me that? I decided to stop texting and call her but she didn’t pick up her phone so I left her a message. After leaving her a message I get a text from her***

She: Sorry, can’t pick up the phone. I am with my best friend at the moment and we are at a show.

Me: I am uncomfortable with having your stuff here is because you told us that you are moving out and not letting us know two weeks in advance (which we have reminded you many times). Not only are you giving us short notice you are leaving your stuff behind and treating my house as a storage area.

She: Well, I have nowhere to put my stuff, I am living in my car at the moment. You can just burn my stuff then. Whatever.

***wtf, since when did she have a car? She has been walking to work every single time she goes to work. By now I am sick and tired of her using the pity card and am very tempted to tell her that I will indeed create a bonfire out of her belongings and she is invited to it. But I resist the temptation and instead write back***

Me: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I did not know your situation was so bad. Ok, you can pick up your stuff next week.

She: Ok


It’s now Friday. MOH has sent her a text asking her when is she coming and she hasn’t replied to any of our texts. Oh well, we tried ~ What she doesn’t know is that if I don’t hear from her by this Sunday. Her stuff will be donated to Salvation Army.

So yeah, take that biatch!

P/s When I told my other housemate (normal) about you leaving she told me when you guys were having smokes outside you confessed to her that while we were out you guys have been drinking our alcohol on top of the pantry. Let me know which one you and your ex used so I can donate it to you. You have been using the other housemates stuff and asking for money. Classy.  I don’t even want to know what else both of you did when we weren’t at home.

Till Then



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13 responses to “Housemate drama, this shit is still going on.

  1. ash

    hahahaha so funny

  2. How do you make sure she pays the balance? 😛

  3. NB

    *with a told you so kinda tune* nah kan…..
    jk… well I suggest, if she hadn’t collect her stuff within the next week, donate them all to the needy. or sell them to the second-hand shop? kalau dia dtg blk, jz say ‘oh! i thought you told me to burn your stuff?’ ekekekekekekekekekekekeke

  4. MZ

    babe, i’m coming to your house this weekend to grab my boxes 🙂 maybe it will be fun if I went through her stuff and take what I like/need/want (if indeed its not filled with grubby pussfluids from her brains), before you donate it all to the salvation army 😀

  5. Whoa, What drama! Hope it’s all sorted soon 🙂

  6. cute pic ! lol
    been a while since i return to blog-reading&writing! nice to see you’re always updated! 🙂

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