Her name was Clare.

“I don’t think it’s curable”

As those words rung in my head in an echo and tears fell down my face I made the decision to say goodbye.

The vet was saying something else but it was all muffled as I hide behind MOH to stop crying. I catch bits and pieces of the conservation as I try to compose myself.

“We could send her to….Anemic…no blood….lost weight….won’t survive….no pain” I stop the doctor and MOH and said “I want to bring her home”.


It happened so quickly, she just closed her eyes and slept. She continued sleeping when we patted her and held her, she continued sleeping when we carried her to the car, slept on the way home and was still sleeping when we laid her to rest in her final resting spot.

As MOH was digging the earth to make a spot for her I was imagining lavender, white flowers and maybe a rose bush to be planted on her spot. She will be under the sun with flowers and bees and forever be happy. I hope that wherever she is someone will always give her pats and hugs and lets her lick their toes.

I can’t stop crying, it’s sad whenever I think about it. I keep thinking that I should have played with her more often, teased her less and should have given her more cheese then was good for her. She was a good girl, a little bit weird for a dog but that’s what made her so cool to have.

I had a dog and her name was Clare and she was really really special to me and MOH.

Family photo 2009

Some of my favourite blog post about my crazy Samo

My dog gave birth but it feels like I had labor too!

Summer at the beach

Sun, sea and Samoyed

Precious photos of her from puppy to adulthood.

Rest in peace Clare.

November 2008 – 8 October 2012

Before I end I would like to leave her a cyber message: CLARE YOU STUPID DOG TILL THE VERY END YOU HAD TO DO THINGS YOUR WAY! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Till Then



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9 responses to “Her name was Clare.

  1. Chris Ong

    Stay strong, Audrey… Clare had a good life with you and that’s all that matters!!

  2. swan

    what a beauty she was. and i still remember her puppy days when she came running around while we played netball. so sad 😦 rest in peace Clare! miss you already.

  3. I’m so sorry for your lost, Audrey. It must be hard losing something so precious and adorable. Take care babe.

  4. So sorry to hear your sad news Audrey. We lost our lovely dog at the beginning of the year. He had lived a long and happy life but it still hit me hard. Look after yourself and be gentle to yourself.

  5. lucy

    feel so sorry for you audrey…..you know, that you always giving what best for her..and knowingly she will still guarding you from wherever she now is..

  6. Such a beautiful dog, and must have been a great companion too. So sad for your loss, Audrey. Hugs!

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