Fishing in Tutukaka end of 2012

I went fishing last Saturday and for the first time I fell to the malady that is often describe as sea sickness.

What a pain in the %^&. No, really, it was an absolute waste of my time. I paid a lot of money to sleep on a boat. While I was huddling in the corner of the boat willing my body not to dry retch the boys were fishing and having a good time under the sun.

When we first started the journey I was fine, maybe just a teensy bit unwell but that is what usually happens to me but you know I toughen up and generally breeze through the day. Everything was fine when we started fishing but it started getting bad when we had  those mini breaks in between.

What is a mini break on a boat?


Its quite a small boat and there was 5 of us (plus the skipper) and if someone caught a fish he had to move to the back of the boat, anyone who was at the back had to reel in and move out the of the way to avoid getting the lines tangled, the fish swimming and getting caught into the propeller and just creating this one big mess of a fishing trip.

Anyhoo, in those breaks the pie that I had for breakfast was rolling around my stomach sloshing around with the water I had drank to stay dehydrated. After around 12pm I couldn’t take it anymore and spewed over the boat. The amount of water that came out was amazing. Even MOH was impressed and I tell you when it comes to spewing that man is hard to impress.

So after that ordeal I did feel much better and the men were commenting on how my complexion was less green. I even felt well enough to fish. My mistake was drinking more water and that started the whole thing again. As I’m getting greener MOH comes over and ask me if I would like to have a bite of his chicken sandwich (waving the dayum thing in front of my face) and Vic comes over and ask if I would like some of his noodles (like really? Do I look like I can have noodles at the moment?)

I hate, HATE going into the cock pit because in my experience it is always hot and stuffy but I was feeling so bad that I just didn’t care and had to lie down and just close my eyes, suck my thumb and surround myself in self pity.

Surprisingly. The cockpit was cooling and I had a really good sleep, I had such a good sleep that I forced myself to lie down for the rest of the trip and only woke up when the boat was in port the skipper was tying the boat to the port. So yea, that was my fishing trip. As you can tell  I wont be going on any fishing boat trips anytime soon. Not until I figure out why I was sick then when I have never really been so sick before on the other trips.

Now then, with that little rant over we can now talk about what we caught which was not much. All of us caught a king fish each but the only one to keep his was Quang. Vic was the only one in the group that caught a Hapuka and we kept that. A couple of tarakihi and granddaddy and that’s about it. Too much barracudas in the water but all in all a successful fishing trip except for me. Meh.


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