Bring it on baby, wait, babies????

I woke up bright and early, had a shower, washed my hair, wore my best clothes, slap some lipstick on and went to meet my future head on.

As I enter the dark room she ask me to sit on the couch. All I saw was a bed, two chairs and a monitor. I sat on the chair. She looks at me and says “No, not there, here ” and taps the bed. As I sit on it I realized it is a couch albeit a really expensive one.

“Please open your pants and lower it, thank you, now I will place this towel here so the gel won’t get onto any of your clothes.”

She squirts gel on my lower stomach, which was surprisingly warm. I thought she was going to do it on my belly but she puts the scanwhatchamallit on the bottom half in between  my pelvic bone.

“Now, I’m just going to have a look around first and then when I’m done I will explain to you what is happening”

“Umm, sure ok”. I mean what is there to explain she will scan my tummy and then tell me I have a baby and then tell me how many weeks it was, right?

So she starts the scan. In front of me the screen comes to life. First it’s dark then it gets grey then I see a cavern and in the cavern is a blob. I’m thinking to myself “Oh, so there’s the little bubba”. I turn to MOH and he looks like he knows what he’s looking at (later on I find out that he didn’t have a clue to what was going on and didn’t know what he was looking for in the screen). Then she moves from left to right and the cavern fades away into a shadow and then into another cavern with another blob. She does this a couple of times and by then I was getting a little bit confused and worried. I was like “Holy Cow! That is one big baby! But what the heck is that shadow in the middle???” The scan lady, whose name is Alison,  turns to me and says  in the driest tone imaginable (that only the Brits can do) “I see here that you are having twins”. I’m like “WHAT???” and burst out crying.

Next thing I know, MOH is on my left and picks up my hand as we continue looking at the screen with a bit more awe and respect now. She continues the scan and explains where the head and limbs are. She then takes a snapshot and measures the fetuses to see how old they were since I had no idea.

I think I will forever remember this one incident for the rest of my life. Baby/fetus number one, who was on the left, was sleeping on its back, chilling and hardly moving. But when she moved the scan to the right baby/fetus number two was moving around. It was moving so much that she had to wait for about 5 minutes before she could take a snapshot of it to measure the size.

She measured it from the top of the head to it tiny nonexistent bottom/buttocks.

It was freaky, weird, amazing and crazy experience for me watching not one but TWO fetuses in my belly. After the shock I started babbling and told MOH that the second baby is moving around so much it must be looking for a comfortable spot. We will have to watch out for this one. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. it’s actually a good sign when they are active”.

“Oh.” was my reply.

By then I was still tearing but had some measure of control over myself (I blame my weeping tendencies on the shock). She tells me to wipe myself up and hands over a scan of the baby. I mean BABIES!!! Talk about blowing expectations out of the water.

twins First look at the “Twins”


The top photo is the dancing baby.  🙂 The bottom photo is the chillaxing one.


When I’m alone, regardless of what I’m doing, I stop for a moment and whisper “Twins” and start giggling like a lunatic and then continue on with what I’m doing. As you can tell it hasn’t sunked in, the reality that I am not having one but two babies. It’s crazy. I feel terribly blessed and thank God everyday.

Till Then



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10 responses to “Bring it on baby, wait, babies????

  1. I can read and re-read and re-read this again and again. I even read it out loud to my fiance and my sister because it’s just beautiful. Sa tumpang gembira, Audrey. It is indeed a great news! 🙂

  2. aerleenj

    Omg reading this reminded me of my first scan and how overwhelming it was. And that was only one baby. Twins? I can only imagine!
    None of my friends ever had twins before then suddenly 3 friends delivered twins this year and another one next year and I was like wth is happening to the world! Hahahaha
    Anyways congrats again. Do enjoy your pregnancy and also your ‘me’ time and ‘us’ time with the husband as much as you can. Have more date nights, go jalan2, etc. Cause its gonna be all abt them once they arrive 🙂 stressful at times but all worthwhile. Take care ya.

    • Ooo, thanks for all the tips! Will definitely do what you suggested. Im sure its going to be hectic. I was quite surprised when you said I was the fifth person you know who was having twins as none of my friends have had one. It would be nice tgen I can glean more info out of them but my girlfriends who have recently had kids are more then happy to help

  3. Ooooh Congratulations! I found out I was having twins the day after I found I was pregnant. Needless to say it was all a huge surprise, but goodness it is fun!
    How far along are you?

  4. Audrey cuzziiee…ko the rest of “them” :)) SO happy for you and reading this just made me teary as well..happy tears of course….congratulations woman! *hugsss*

  5. aww! i got teary eyed reading this. so happy for you both. Congrats!!!

  6. lucy

    congratz sis…. m so happy for all 4 of u, n to know that the baby gna be in d good parents..FYI : my kids now 10 n 7 , dey dont even hv single clue how baby blues n how my world turn upside down after d day they were born, so remember , everytime u feel restless n overwhelm, take a deep breath ,always think of ur happiness first then u can translucent that to the one u care daily, n so u can love dem n cherish dem will long n future love.. any names come out yet? 🙂

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