Murphy boy

Murphy is currently at the vet having a major operation. He had his last big meal on Sunday. Threw up three times on Monday. We brought him to the vet on Tuesday and wasn’t satisfied with his progress so brought him to the vet AGAIN on Wednesday and was told to feed him glucose via a syringe and some antibiotics to help him through. The vet thought he had a stomach disease.

This morning after his morning feed he puked it all out and his puke smelled and looked like diarrhea. Concerned, we brought him to the vet in the evening and was told that we were looking at a dying dog (this is the same sentence he used when he last spoke about Clare). We left him at the vet to get a blood test, x-ray scan and have him on the iv drip. We get a call around 6.30pm to say that the x-ray found something in his gut, they went on to do a check and found that it was some sort of plants and that some parts of his gut was rotting.

Now, at 8.50pm Murphy is under anesthetic and two vets are working on him to cut the dead tissues, remove the plants and try to saw his guts back together again.

Honestly, why can’t we have normal injuries like a broken leg, stomach flu, flea infestation like normal dogs. Why do our dogs always get hardcore stuff like ‘body not producing enough blood’ and ‘gut is rotting from some sort of plant he ingested’.


I am currently waiting by the phone hoping it doesn’t ring while waiting impatiently for the vet to tell me everything is going to be ok. Murphy boy hasn’t even seen the babies yet so he better not go dying on us like how Clare did!



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