From now on it’s all going to be about babies

So much has happened from my last post in April. Murphy went through gut reconstruction and has made 100% full recovery. The vet found a very smelly acorn in his gut which created all sorts of havoc in Murphy’s stomach. There was a lot of rotting intestines which the vet had to cut away. It took 4 hours of surgery and we weren’t sure if Murphy was going to make it but he did. His fart is now on epic proportions but besides that he is back to his normal gluttonous self.


So, as you may know I have had the babies. Around 36 weeks I did my usual check up with my midwife and she admitted me into the hospital as my blood pressure was higher then usual. I went to the hospital not knowing that I would have to stay there for two nights. I was advised that since I am quite far into my pregnancy they were going to induce me on Friday (I went into the hospital on Wednesday). That was not going to happen because MOH had already left for Melbourne for a business trip and would only be back on Saturday. I was not allowed to go home and the doctors were panicking because my protein level had shot up to 150. I later found out that they had looked at the wrong information when checking my protein levels -_- (like that also can) and allowed me to discharge on Friday afternoon. The staff at the hospital that were taking care of me were worried that I might have preeclampsia (click here to find out what it is Preeclampsia: Signs & Symptoms) but after a 4 hourly check on my urine and blood pressure they deemed it safe for me to go home on the condition that I go to the hospital everyday to check my blood pressure.

When I was about to leave the obstetrician who was in charge of me told me in a very offhandedly manner that I was to be induced on Monday. I wasn’t ready for that to happen but he was adamant that the babies had to come out. I went back to the hospital on Monday with my blood pressure not going any lower but it didn’t get any higher as well. Around 11pm I was induced and let me tell you getting induced is painful! I thought they were just going to spread some gel into my lady bits (which they did) but I didn’t know they would have to go in so deep and made me feel like they were stabbing me with a knife. It was traumatic and I was told that if my water had not broke in 4-5 hours they would induce me again. There was no way they were going to do that again! So, I stood up and started doing the breathing exercises and swaying my body back and forth. Around 4am my water broke. I didn’t know that when your water breaks after the initial gush of water you continue to leak a whole lot of liquid for a few more minutes. I thought it was like in the movies, your water breaks, you wet your panties and then that’s it. I didn’t know Niagara falls would come visit. Anyhoo, once my water broke I was sent to the delivery room which is not what I expected it looked like a hospital room only 4 times bigger and the staff were not wearing any masks or green gowns like they do in the movies. My contractions were starting to get painful and around 6am they asked me to get an epidural even though I asked for a natural birth. “You need the epidural in case we need to re position the boy if his head is not facing downwards. Without the epi it’ll be very very painful”. “You have to lie down, we can’t do this with you standing up”. They kept repeating this over and over again until I let them give me the epidural. I took it in the end because laying flat on my back was excruciating. Was the insertion of the epidural needle painful? To be honest the anesthetic technician who did it was very professional and all I felt was a cold sensation when they administered the drug.  I didn’t even feel anything when they administered the anesthetic into my spine before inserting the long needle. After they administered the drug my midwife arrived and told them not to give me a top up. The drug only lasted an hour which was good because I was told to start pushing after that.

“Whenever you feel like it just push” said my midwife as she walked away. I’m like “what???” After an hour of pushing I gave up and asked her to help me. She then comes over and says “Whenever I push down here (here means my lady bits) push” She pushes down and I push hard while groaning. After a few pushes she tells me to shut up and use the energy to push instead. It actually works. I stop groaning and just keep it in. As I was pushing I remember in my antenatal yoga class we were told to keep my face relaxed while pushing as it will give me more energy. I try it…fark it, can’t do it. I’m just gonna scrunch it up and to hell with being calm. After an eternity of pushing I feel something warm at my nether regions and look up and ask “Where’s the baby?” only to find that the midwife had put a warm towel there to help me with the pushing. Every time I push they tell me I have done well and they can see the head. After 5 hours of ‘doing well’ and I am about to give up the midwife tells me to push and this time make it count! So, I gather whatever strength I have and push with everything that I got. MOH said he has never seen my face like that before and he can see beads of sweat forming on my forehead. I found that the key is to take a deep breath and push and try to hold on before inhaling again as I am about to expire from lack of oxygen I feel this massive weight coming out and a stinging sensation and POP, baby girl is out. I lay back exhausted, they show her to me but I can barely keep my eyes open. I’m about to fall asleep when they say “hang on, we still have one more to go.” I struggle to get up but I’m not pushing hard enough for them and my contractions were dwindling so they pump some more drugs into me and the contractions pick up again.

They keep telling me to push and I keep telling them I can’t feel the contractions. My midwife is like “You can feel them it’s just that you don’t want to push!”. I was too tired to snap back all I wanted was this to end and for the baby to be out. I try to push and this time make sure I hold my breath as I push keeping the moans in. That worked. Baby boy came out without any dramas and this time I kept my eyes open. The midwife brought the babies forward for me to breast feed she started pinching my nipples while another nurse did the same thing on my other breast to get the colostrum going. Even after labor  this process was very painful.

The babies are weighed and dressed. Surprisingly, they are not cleaned but they look like they have been bathed and smell very clean and sweet. As the babies are being take care off the specialist comes in pops her head under my blanket and says “Hmm, yes, yes, she will need stitches”. By then I was over the pain and everything and said “Oh, you know what, its fine don’t worry about it”. My midwife shushes me and tells me “If she says you need it then listen to her and get it done”. So, I shut up and they proceed to stitch me up as I teared when I pushed the first baby out. It wasn’t that bad but just having needles and thread near my privates was making me see stars. Honestly, people don’t tell you about what happens after labor. I went in thinking that labor was something to be afraid of but it’s after the babies are out that is scary.

Not long after that my sister in law comes like a whirlwind, she feeds me some noodles, hugs and kisses the babies and is off. Followed by Vic and Trang and my in laws. One thing I have learned from this is that the next time I get pregnant again (and this is a big IF) I’ll get visitors to come and then leave after 5-10 minutes. Vic and Trang didn’t stay long but my in laws stayed for ages and they saw me walk to the toilet with blood dripping on the floor. I was told to get up and go to the toilet to clean myself. But as soon as I sat up I felt really nauseous and too weak to walk to the toilet on my own. The nurse and MOH had to walk me there with a sheet to block the view from my in laws, blood dripping on the floor and get bathed by them both. I was so weak I couldn’t even lift my head up.

So, yeah.

After that I was ready to go home only to be told that my pulse rate is too high, I had to stay in the hospital for another two days. It was hard with the babies always crying and me and MOH having no idea what to do. I later found out that I am suppose to breast feed at least an hour for each baby. I had only fed each baby 10-15 minutes during their feeding time. So as soon as I lay them in the cot they would start crying again and I was almost in tears. Their diapers had been changed, they had been fed (or so I thought) I had no idea what to do. After two days my pulse rate was still too fast but I manage to persuade the doctor to let me go to birth-care. In New Zealand after giving birth you have an option to go to birth-care where your allowed to stay for 3 days and two nights. I stayed for five days. At birth-care there are midwives who will help you with the baby and are very pro breast feeding. One thing I know for certain, breast feeding is HARD. My nipples were cracked and bleeding. Sometimes it would get too raw and my hair would stand every time the babies were about to suckle. Those were the longest five days of my life. What kept me going was that the midwives kept telling me it would get easier after a week. It didn’t, but hey nothing good comes easy, right?

Fast forward a month later breast feeding is not as hard anymore, I have my days where I feel I finally have the hang of it and then days where I feel like I have to start all over again.

LOL! I didn’t expect to go into so much details but once I started I couldn’t stop and  had to jot this all down.


Till Then



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11 responses to “From now on it’s all going to be about babies

  1. MZ

    Geeezzz audrey. i’m NEVER going to have babies now!!

  2. LOL! Better to be prepared and to be honest NOT as bad as I imagined

  3. hahahaa….. i love the part when you mentioned your hair would stand when you are abt to feed the chintwin.. lol.. which kinda reminds me of my 4 monkeys.. especially the 2 girls!! i was practically punching walls and NL.. screaming in my head… and cried!! hihihi..

    haish.. now i miss BF!!! NL says he wants another one,, his excuse was he wants to see how the 5th looks like.. -_- ‘


    • Babe, you mean si Leia also masih sakit. 😦 I thought after having 3 kids the nenen become elastic already? no kah???? Have to think twice now if I want to have anymore cause the breast feeding (starting saja) yang bikin takut ni

  4. Haha omg i’m not having babies now either.. >.< Interesting read tho babe.. I've always wondered! Hope all is well with the chintwins!!

  5. Wow, I haven’t read your blog in ages and neither have I blogged for sooo long.. and you’re already a mother blogger! Wow, congrats! And they are twins…!! And you actually still hv time to blog… =) In case you have forgotten, I’m the person sharing the same name with yourself from Sarawak. Congrats, once again!

    • Hello Hello 🙂 I haven’t been blogging for a few months now but have been spamming my instagram with photos of the babies ( I can’t seem to help myself). Thank you and lets keep in touch. Do you have a new blog or taking a break from it all?

      • Hi Hi! I don’t do Insta, cos I think my phone’s memory is gonna explode with all the pics and other apps, lol.. May be when I get a bigger and stronger phone… I still do blog, errr, last was a couple of months ago, hopefully the next post would not be in another half a year! New resolution: Write more! Yes, we should keep in touch.. My blog is still the same. I will add your blog link to my site. =) Happy New Year!

  6. Gjino

    Hello babes, I haven’t been blogging either hahahaha and to stumble across this lovely post was entirely heart warming as our journey to parenthood is long overdue lol. Super happy that everything went better than you expected 🙂 Huggz from Kiasuland for now 😉

    P/s: No not preggers yet. Don’t want to tell, if not jinx muahaha

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