The twins are on Instagram

Well, contrary to the title it is actually my Instagram account but the twins have taken over. Without realising it my journey with the twins have been  heavily documented using Instagram. So far, I have already posted more then 50 photos and videos of the babies and I can’t seem to stop myself. I have become one of those women who only post boring photos and videos of their kids. I use to hate it when my friends flood my timeline with their baby photos. I mean, come on, isn’t that like the same photo of your kid but at a different angle? Isn’t ONE photo enough???

After having the twins the answer is NO, ONE PHOTO IS NOT ENOUGH. I can understand now how different angles are equally important to be posted and shared with the world  because I too think my kids are the most beautiful things on this earth Here is the link to my Instagram I update it quite consistently unlike here on this poor blog of mine.


Till Then



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2 responses to “The twins are on Instagram

  1. I will understand this one day! Hehe 🙂

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