Life with twins

This Saturday, the babies will be 7 months old. That means they have been on this earth for that long, blessing me with their presence. Humbling me and making me understand what it means to be truly needed, loved unconditionally, grateful to be alive and feeling the pressure of being responsible for lives that are not my own.

They are definitely a handful rolling around the bed at every opportunity. Ari started to sit up at around 6 months old and she is the first in everything; rolling on to her tummy and to her back, sitting up for long periods, grabbing her toes while I change her diaper, calmly getting her face wet during bath time. Gabe on the other hand started gurgling really early on. He holds conversations with me, his dad and his sister. But most times he has conversations with the universe. Just looking at the ceiling and babbling away. Sometimes mid gurgling he’ll giggle or let out a big baby laugh.



Ari doesn’t laugh much or smile for that matter. She does frown alot. When she eats, she frowns. When she looks at me, she frowns. When she plays with her toys, yup, you guessed it, she frowns. But when she does smile or giggle it is one the most beautiful sights in the world.


Both babies are starting to be more aware of each other now. It took longer then I expected. When they were younger even if I laid them down side by side they would never notice each other. Well, actually Ari doesn’t notice but Gabe would always be looking at her and trying to catch her attention. Cutest thing in the world to see.

Now they grab each others hand or foot when they are asleep.


They try to gobble each others hand, face, toes and arms when they are awake. Squeal in delight when they successfully kick each other in the face and cry when one accidentally almost gouges the other ones eye out.


When Gabe is sleepy and is about to fall asleep. He coos. Gently, softly, lulling himself to sleep. He is one of the most joyful babies I have ever known. He smiles at everything and everybody. He smiles and laughs in his sleep. He’s the social baby.


Ari is a thinker. She’s a mummy’s girl for now. Forever wanting me to carry her around and not really liking it when other people want to hold her. She leaves that to her brother to happily reach out to any friendly face for a cuddle.


They developed their personalities pretty early on and I could go on and on about it but the photo below captures their personality perfectly.




Till Then



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14 responses to “Life with twins

  1. Your twins look gorg! Hoping for the best of them! Such cuties! 😀

  2. adorable!!! they grow up so fast dont they.

    my EJ is a lot like your Gabe. Smiles a lot, coos and talks to himself, loves it when we talk to him.

  3. Swan


  4. Very cute and good looking babies! But I can’t tell who is who? =)Anyway, Lucky you!

  5. papams

    i love the last photo!!! so cuuuuuuuuuteee!!!

  6. they are super adorable! i am a fan!

  7. aaawwe twins are so cute when they sleeping

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