Hello again.


LOL, long absence indeed and I hope it made the heart grow fonder while I was on my hiatus. A & G just had their two year birthday party in June and I am sad to say that I did not get to take any photos at all, still waiting on friends to see if they took any on my behalf. I still remember their sweet new born smell hours after I had given birth to them and now they are a walking, talking, laughing, tantrum throwing little human beings. It’s amazing to see Gods work in this two little people. I am always amazed at how many words they know, understand and can respond to. The progress they are making in trying to negotiate with their dad into giving them more yogurt then they are allowed. G’s obsession with cars (they really do start young with their interest in all automotive) and how Ari will purposely steal a car to see him writhe in agony as his collection has been messed with (we know who she got that from don’t we?).

I love the sheer joy on their faces when we walk out from the house into the cold morning just as the sun’s rays are peeking out from the grey clouds before we get into the car. Ari would put her hands up and shout “sky!” and Gaby would just chortle in agreement.

Below is a draft that I put together but never had the opportunity to post as life with twins was more than I could ever imagine it to be. I thought my life would be busy but unchanged. I would just pop them out and resume my lifestyle with babies in tow. How wrong I was, my life and the very core of me has changed. I am not the same person I was 2 years ago and I feel I have become more focused, more aware of my failings, more thankful, more humble, more afraid…just A LOT of MORES. I can’t explain it but plenty of mums who blog are able to eloquently explain what I am feeling. The world beneath me shook, tore apart, swallowed me and spit it out a totally different person. I feel different but I also feel a lot of love and less patience for bullshit. All my time, kindness and calm have been swallowed up by the twins and my husband and everyone else has to deal with the raw, tired, can’t be bothered me. So yes, the time I was away has been filled with a lot of wonderful and not so wonderful things that most new parents would encounter. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

So here is my draft from 2 years ago look how wrinkly and tiny and just all round funny looking they were at that age. 14 weeks! Amazing.

****2 years ago****

We had a photo shoot of the twins when they were about 14 days old. So precious and I feel so blessed to have this two little human beings in my life. Thank you for choosing me as your mama.

Here are some of the behind the scene photos.










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2 responses to “Hello again.

  1. so beautifully written. Sounds like motherhood has expand your life experience but the same time sharpen you up. Glad to know you will not hesitate to do this all over again. I save the twins photos on my phone, whenever looking at them make my heart sing. Can’t even comprehend the joy they bring to you and Bronson.

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