My dramatic unplanned home birth story

So yes, baby Mikaela was born. This post was in the making for the last 4 months but I have always been putting it off thinking I would be able to do it soon. Well soon is here and baby is now 5 months old, crawling, having solids and is just the cutest baby you have ever seen! I swear she may even be cuter then the twins (ssshhh don’t tell the grandparents).

Anyhoo, before you read any further maybe you might want to stop as I’m going to chat about the whole birth experience (with placenta and all).


So, baby M was born around 12.30am on the 19th of August 2015 in my bathroom. Yup, we didn’t manage to get to the hospital. Prior to the birth my midwife advised me that if my water broke at night I was to not panic, put more towels on the bed and go back to sleep (for real??? I know right).

My water broke around 9.30pm and it wasn’t a big gush like what I had with the twins. My panties were wet and I had this constant need to pee but that’s about it. Then Bron called the birth centre to let them know my water broke and the lady on the line laughed at him and said not to worry and go back to sleep and get as much rest as possible. So we both shrugged it off and continued on surfing (the kids were jumping around and playing with Bron at this stage). I thought since it’s going to be a long wait I might as well have a shower and then realised umm that I haven’t tidied up my lady bits so I ask Bron to help me out (well I didn’t want the midwife and nurses to be ambushed (Lol, geddit? am’bush’ed???) As he was helping me (he only told me this AFTER baby was born) but he thought I looked quite dilated but wasn’t sure and I wasn’t screaming in pain so he didn’t think much of it.

Around 10.30pm the kids were in bed and Bron was timing my contractions. I was on the couch on my knees clutching a big pillow. Everytime a contraction came I would breath it out and rotate my hips. By then the contractions were every 5 minutes, very painful but bearable. He kept asking me if we should call the midwife but I told him through gritted teeth that she had told me the wait is usually really long and to only call her if the contractions happened every three minutes and lasted for a minute. As I was trying to breathe my way out of the pain I kept repeating “every 3 minutes lasting 1 minute” (cause by then I wanted my midwife to come THIS INSTANT). Around 11.30pm, I think it was 11.30pm because I was in a lot of pain, Bron was asleep with the watch still in his hand and I’m still muttering to myself that this is gonna go all night, baby is not coming yet and I need to relax while the mother of all contractions hits me, my back and my hips. I can’t breathe and will the pain away and I am now on all fours swiveling my hips round and round trying to hula hoop that pain away.

After awhile, an eternity or maybe it was a minute I can’t tell anymore. I got myself up and went into the shower. Maybe a warm shower will help (all those Facebook articles on pregnancy and child rearing were not for nothing!) and I got in and it felt sooooo goooodddddd. The warm water was so heavenly…yes…..ahhh what is this, there is no pain at all and then BANG! This intense pain that I have never felt before just hits me out of nowhere and I reach out to hold on to anything and while the pain went through my body I had this intense need to push. By God, I am not going to push! Baby is not coming yet! It’s too soon!

So like any good woman who is in labor, I panicked. Goosebumps all over my body from resisting the urge to push and I am screaming for Bron. While he is waking up I get another big one and I am gripping onto that shower door for dear life, trying not to push. Bron comes in all groggy and ask me to get out of the shower and get dry otherwise I will get sick (bless him, hahahahahah). He gets me out and dries me but another contraction is coming and I jump back in and get that warm, sweet water down my back. I tell him there is no way I am coming out again as the warm water is nice but I think baby is coming but it’s too soon and I can’t tell cause we stop timing the contractions. He coaxes me out before the next one hits and it comes before I can do anything. I grip on to Bron and touch myself because I swear I can feel baby’s head. I touch something really soft and squishy and I’m screaming “We need to go to the hospital! There is something wrong, it’s not babies head, it’s too soft it might be the cord blocking her!). Bron has a look says its definitely a head and not to… I am not sure what he said afterwards as I had to push one more time and POP! baby slides out, I felt such relief but couldn’t enjoy it as baby came out way too fast and I try to grab her before she hits the tile floor. I cry out as I missed but Bron was already there. Holding on to her like a champion and I think he was covered in bright white light as he held baby up with the music from Lion King playing in the background.

lion king.gif

He gets her a towel, gets me a towel and at that moment I am just too tired to do anything but stand and hold her. He calls the midwife and she rushes over, what is usually an hour journey she made it to our place in 45 minutes. While waiting my placenta drops and everything else that is suppose to. I feed baby and she is all warm and snugly. By now the twins are all up and hyper *the next day Gaby is sick for a week due to the excitement and I think he caught the flu which he passed on to Ari and Miki (at two weeks and she handled that so well).

There you go, my birth story with baby M. I am just glad that it went smoothly and with Gods grace we all made it out ok. I read a lot about home births but never thought that it would happen to me. This was so different from the twins birth and in a way more relaxing. I wasn’t plugged to anything, there were no strangers coming in and out of the room and whenever I was uncomfortable I could move around and not be confined to a bed. But yeah, we suck at counting contractions and basic baby labor stuff. When baby came out I could keep her on the cord until it went all soft and limp. Seeing how different she is from the twins I really think this made a lot of difference. She is very aware, strong and has done a lot of things that the twins couldn’t do at her age but that could also be because she has older siblings whom she tries to mimic.

I guess that’s about it. I will post some photos here tomorrow but for more photos on the twins and baby M head on to my instagram @msaudreyc.


Till Then










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9 responses to “My dramatic unplanned home birth story

  1. “So, baby M was born around 12.30am on the 19th of August 2014 in my bathroom.”
    Did you get the year wrong…?

  2. b0ngkers

    Magical moment!

  3. swannie

    EPIC!! You both are my heroes!! Dr. Bron and the Incredible Mamasan hahaha

  4. This is AMAZING! Congratulations. I am so glad to have found this post amongst my emails! Such a nice story and I can relate a lot as I just had my second baby last year and she came very fast as well. I feel like this could have been us. We made it to hospital and she was born just 5 minutes after arriving. It was all so much faster than I was prepared for and the hospital tried to tell me to stay at home longer and relax too. Haha, great job mummy! 😀

    • You guys definitely cut it close! So exciting 😆 What made you decide not to listen and just make your way to the hospital? I like it very decisive. Aww, thank you mama

      • Like you it was like ‘that one’ excruciating contraction when I was like hold up I need to be in hospital NOW!!! My midwife was excellent and she told me when when you have that feeling ignore the hospital and just go! She warned me that they would try and say just stay at home a bit longer, lol.

        I did the warm shower trick too! 😉 Congratulations anyway, glad your bubs was born healthy and your husband was there to catch! 😀

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  6. This is DEFINITELY a dramatic entrance into the world! It’s one you’ll never forget, that’s for sure! Lol

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