Happy birthday Grace

I had a rare chance to go out last night to celebrate Grace’s birthday.  It felt nice dressing up in clothes that had no milk, vomit, food stains or tears on it.

I put on my trusty black long sleeve top and a new pair of Forever New pants which I can’t zip all the way up yet but I am hoping I will be able to before I have to go back to work 😂. I love this pants it is so comfy and has a lovely luxe feeling to it. 

We went to The Grill for some fine dining and the dish I was most satisfied with was the ‘Study of Beef’.  The wagyu beef was so tender and had a buttery texture.  It was amazing.  The rest tried the seafood platter and said it was really fresh and delicious. The potato gratin was ok but they had this white broccoli dish in some sort of amazing sauce which made it quite unforgettable. Of course their chips in duck fat was divine. Vic told me to “breathe in that duck”  from the chips and it definitely was fantastic.







On the downside I didn’t really like our server. He seemed to be in a rush, was too loud and was banging into me everytime he took the dishes without a word of an apology.  That took away a lot of the fine dining experience I was expecting from such an establishment. John had gotten cake and we weren’t allowed to eat it in the restaurant.  Grace would be allowed to blow the candles on the cake but we would have to bring the cake home.  I didn’t mind that so much and we had an excuse to had over to Grace and John’s place for a mini party, and we did just that!

Of course what dinner would be complete without the obligatory posing for photos in front of the restaurant.



Grace and John dropped me home and I bundled the kids up to have some cake. This is around 10pm (I know, I so deserve a Mother of the Year award).


The twins were so excited to sing the birthday song that they blew out the candles on the cake as well.  John said that was a ‘good practice’  round so we did it again so Grace could have a chance.  Lucky that Trang got all that on video too!

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/UYBgSuF1LM4

Till then



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2 responses to “Happy birthday Grace

  1. I can’t remember what it’s like to wear clothes without food stains and vomit. That sounds like pure luxury.

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