Bloody nose

Kawan-kawan sekalian, karma is real. I was playing with baby M in the bed (the smell of freshly changed bed sheets is heavenly).  Baby M was gurgling and laughing at my antics and Gaby jumped on our side of the bed.  He nuzzled baby M’s left ear and pulled on her ear while looking at me. She let out a yelp and that painful cry where no sound comes out but her whole face is red and her body is all stiff.  Before I can even chastise the imp big sister Ari comes over and whacks him on the thigh saying “No, no! Ari beat you!” and she runs over to us and pats and kisses baby M “Ari here, Ari here, it’s ok, it’s ok Miki”.

Meanwhile, baby M is bawling her eyes out and Gaby is crying telling me “Ari beat you!” He actually means “Ari beat me” but I haven’t been able to explain the differences between ‘you’ and ‘me’ to both of them yet.

Soon baby M calms down, Ari gives Gaby a hug to calm him down as well. Then he comes over to give baby a kiss and she grabs his nose by the nostrils and tugs. He doesn’t say anything but when he looks up there is blood coming out of his nose.


This is what karma looks like on a two year old.

Till then


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