Sliced finger


The day started out so normal. The usual weekend, the usual conversations, the usual drives. Unbeknownst to me, an evil chain of events will lead up to me being responsible for my 2 1/2 year old daughter’s first “deep” cut on her left thumb.

Because we had to delay “lunch”, as you can imagine, I was deeply distressed from my hunger. I searched the car for food and found an out-of-date old “banana” flavoured fruit burst in the glove compartment. I might have chewed on it too hard, somehow, my daughter who was seated right at the back could smell it and thought I was having a banana. She immediately asked for a banana and so did Gaby. Chanting like a hungry group of cannibals around the camp fire. “BANANA! BANANA!” or as Gaby chanted “NANA!  NANA!  NANA!”.

Anyway, so we carried on with our afternoon mission which was a rather long one and we were all famished by the end of it. The thought of pulling over into a cafe and having to pay for over-priced food while hungry children waited for it to be ready…was not appetizing at all.

Meanwhile, the kids were screaming for their promised banana. I duly pulled over to the closest grocery store and picked up a very tasty bunch of bananas (you can tell when they are so yellow and ripe, or was it the hunger clouding my judgement). At the check out counter, they had displayed the tastiest looking tub of peanuts in a tin (it’s the usual el-cheapo peanut but somehow looked so delicious and gourmet). My move on picking up that tin of peanut sealed the deal for that fateful afternoon.

We were all happily munching in the car while I was driving and we saw this fantastic looking park (I had actually took a wrong turn and was actually lost). The kids saw it too and they wanted to go and check it out but it was raining. LOGICALLY, you would turn around and say no and head back home?  But noOo, I decided we would go to the park. In the rain. Go figure.

When we got there I took the tin of peanuts with me because I was hungry. I realise now it’s not a good thing to do things, when I’m hungry. Well noted.

A few minutes of screaming at the park as usual and we had to take cover for a bit as the rain picked up. I was chowing down on my peanuts when my daughter asked for some. So I held out the tin of peanuts to Ari. She put her tiny left hand into the tin and SLICE! The slit on her thumb, about 1.5cm, in slow motion, opened in front of my very eyes. Sort of like when a kid very sleepily open their eyes when they are still very sleepy. I knew that a gush of blood was going to pump right out the next second. Ari was just looking at her thumb after hearing Dad let out a little shriek and seeing his face turn very weird. I grabbed the thumb without thinking and put it into my mouth. I know. A million bacteria etc etc but I did that all the time when I was a kid when I didn’t have any clean water around to clean my wound. At this point, Ari knew something was wrong but i think it was more the salty peanuts in my mouth that was causing her some pain then the actual cut.

I picked her up,  squeezed her wound close and rushed to the Dairy that was close by.  Blood from the wound was dripping all over the place.  First mental note is that I need a first aid kit in my car for future dramatic events. I entered the Dairy and asked the owner to help me with some band-aid. She looked at me lazily and said she didn’t have any loose ones. I told her I will buy the whole damn box she just needs to get one out for me now! She got the message when she saw the blood dripping down from my arms onto her counter. She moved pretty fast then.


The stupid tin of peanuts


While we were re-cleaning the wound





I'm sorry baby

All in all, my daughter Arianna Chin was very brave and I commend her on that. She didn’t cry at all and let me clean the wound up, although I did ask her to look away (I didn’t want her to see the amount of blood she was losing which was all over my hands and hers).I on the other hand, was distraught and was cursing the banana flavoured fruit burst which caused these chain of events to happen leading to this fiasco.



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4 responses to “Sliced finger

  1. therestwo

    Ahhh ouchy poor mama and baby girl – hoping she heal swiftly

  2. Your daughter is so cute, even when crying! Aw I hope the wound heals fast :/ Who knew tinned peanuts could be so lethal…

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