Sunday is always fun day

Woke up early (well the kids did while they dragged us out of bed) and went to do some over due chores.

Our garden is a disaster so we decided to tackle it during the long weekend. We went to get some plants (more on that in the next post)  and try to enhance our homes curb appeal. Historically, we suck at gardening😐 but I am not giving up! All those hours of surfing on pinterest has me all fired up.

On the way back we stop for some super fresh strawberry ice cream! Yay! I was even more excited then the kids🙌

This was out west in Kumeu and they had a great range of Gelato. I was so close to getting two servings but I.Must. Resist. Have. To. Lose. Weight….


The place is called Juicy


The photo is blurry but I love their facials here and the joy it's projects.


Ice cream face Ari😵


The kids size portions were huge!


I never say no to ice cream. Good thing baby M was asleep or else we would have been wrestling over the ice cream 😐

Can’t wait to get started on the garden, or so I thought but when we got home we had a nap instead.  So tomorrow it is then 😅 with the gardening.

Till then



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3 responses to “Sunday is always fun day

  1. Haha that’s funny, this is me every day! Big plans, and then a nap on the couch always sounds much better 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog Audrey. Nice to meet you! 😀

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