Afternoon naps with the Chin Twins


Ari is screaming and Gaby is smothering me

Yes, this is almost a typical nap time with the twins. It is rarely a peaceful event.  There is much screaming, pleading and whining happening in the bedroom when it is time for them to nap. Even if they are struggling to keep their eyes open, can’t even talk coherently anymore they will still try to stay awake. They will say all sort of things to get out of having a nap like “I’m hungry”, “Mummy I’m thirsty”, “My leg itches”,  “Ari too close!”, “Gaby! GABY!” and my favourite “I’m tired!”. THEN WHY IN THE HELL WON’T YOU SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP THEN???

I was screaming in my head but I must have screamed at them as their stunned faces look back at me. “Good, that will shut you up and now you might actually go to sleep!” I say to myself only to have them grin and laugh in my face as if me losing control was the result they wanted all along.

Just as I am about to lose it and some bed time smacks on the butts are going to ensue they start flopping around the bed, a twitch and a jerk later they are  asleep. This is after being in bed for an hour and a half! Usually, for naps I just let them watch YouTube Kids on the iPad and they eventually fall asleep. But today I wanted to be a more wholesome mum, a responsible mum who limits screen time, a mum who all mums would look at and say “She has got it together” but nah fuck it next time I am. just gonna go with the flow and bring on those Ipads!

Till then



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2 responses to “Afternoon naps with the Chin Twins

  1. ……I had to babysit my twin nephews, these cute as button 2year olds the other day. Oh nap time is such a horror I know this now whats with sleep??


    I mean is it painful or what, you can tell they are sleepy and tied but wont they just lay down and just die___ erm I mean sleep Noooo they become lil terrors, twin terrors.
    but eventually sleep wins, sleep always wins


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