Gardening with little ones

Me and MOH (Man Of the House) have once again attempted to garden.  We have laid down mint, a lemon tree, a kefir lime tree, two magnolia type trees and three flowery ground cover type plants which name escapes me at the moment.

I hope the plants don’t die on us, grow beautifully and bear fruits next year.  I have always wanted a beautiful but practical garden filled with fruit trees, a few native plants and an abundance of flowers. I am thinking of creating a bee hive to help with the pollination.  Ooohhh, and while I am dreaming can we also have a fish pond please. I am tempted to build this one ‘Build a pond in a raised bed’

If the plants do end up surviving then we will try and plant some vegetables and get the kids involved with that. The children didn’t show much interest in gardening with us but I hope that will change. Gaby was enthusiastic enough when I called him over but he threw the mini shovel in disgust when I showed what I wanted to do 😑I had a better chance with Ari who helped out with watering the plants. 


Till then



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6 responses to “Gardening with little ones

  1. I’m hoping to plant a vegetable garden this spring as well!

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