Birthdays and outside play

We attended Jaden’s birthday on Saturday (little man is turning three, whoop! Whoop!) and the kids had so much fun! We were there for a whopping 6 hours and the kids crashed when they got home.

The Ma’s had a pretty sweet set up for the party with their new playground ( I know right!), inflatable pool and plenty of space to run around. Surprisingly, no one threw a tantrum (well except Gaby who at the end was going all gangster, luckily it was right at the end so I all I had to do was bring him home before anything major could happen).

Not much photos (BOO! – I am consciously trying to take more photos of the kids and with the kids because they grow up too damn fast) but I did get a snap of baby J and Ari being all cute when I asked them to hold hands.


Look at that face! So adorbs!


Waiting excitedly for the playground to be finished. So excited they had to dance

Today, we went to the Auckland botanical gardens and the place is humongous. We only manage to visit the rock garden and children garden (which was fantastic with their giant tadpoles, water area, meadows and jungle area). We will need to go there again to explore the place but definitely when it is not so warm. All of us (baby included) were not doing very well under the heat and when we got back baby M slept for a whopping three hours while the rest of us had ice cream.


Playing inside a giant Kereru egg


They even had ducks!

Would definitely go back there again and you should too if you are in Auckland as they are having the ‘Sculpture in the gardens’ event there. I saw a few of the pieces and some were “wtf’s?” and others were “Wow, that’s cool” .

Till Then


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