Agility Monkeys

There was a time when I would have a good workout when I brought the twins to the playground. I would have to carry them through the obstacles. Let them hang on the monkey bars while I carry their full weight. I would be sweating and aching and it would be non stop “Mummy, again!” or “Mummy this one!”. My favorites were the swing and slide where I could just let go and have a short respite from the constant running around and lifting weights ( I have checked to see if I have created remarkable guns for my efforts but nope, still fatty, oh well). The swings don’t last long because as soon as I push a little too hard they would start screaming for it to stop. The slides even less since it only takes a nano second for them to finish that part of the playground and soon after they land we are off again.

There was always one part of the playground that they would nag to try but I end up carrying them all the way. This was the ropes section, they would start all shaky and clinging for dear life but me and MOH would manage to coax them to let go of the rope from their death grip and reach out to grip the next rope, move one foot to the next rope and vice versa. This would take oh…an hour or so for us to complete it (jokes, but you know what I mean). Now a year later they can walk and hang on to the ropes on their own like little monkeys and now it’s “Mummy, look!” or “Mummy, see me do!”. They are growing by leaps and bounds. Speaking more words, doing more things on their own. There are times where I want them to be independent and to stop screaming (for goodness sake!). But when they do manage to do something by themselves I am reminded once again that they are only that little once and not in the distant future it will be “Mummy, bye, see you later”. I often stop what I am doing  just to give them a big kiss and hug and forget that I want them to grow up…until they start screaming again.


Till then






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2 responses to “Agility Monkeys

  1. b0ngkers

    Beautiful moments at this stage in our lives!

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