The twins first Lantern Festival at the Park

Lately, I have been avoiding public events where masses of humanity would converge in one area. I just can’t phantom the thought of parking, securing three kiddies under 3 safely, while looking for food and entertainment a fun thing to do.

However, my mother in law wanted to visit the Lantern Festival at Domain and Park so we did and met up with baby J and family too. The lanterns were beautiful and today is the last day of the event before it heads off to Christchurch. There is fireworks at 10.15pm too if you’re interested.

We went yesterday around 5pm to avoid traffic, avoid the crowd (the place started to get really busy around 7.30pm), find parking and get food at the stalls available and had a mini picnic. The event had great atmosphere and it was a great idea moving it to Domain as there were heaps more space. But I think due to the size of the area it felt like there were less lanterns to look at.


This us after a long walk to the park from where we parked the car. Phew*








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4 responses to “The twins first Lantern Festival at the Park

  1. Love the pictures! Looks like a fun time!

  2. I agree, I couldn’t be bothered dealing with the crowds! Looks like you had a great family bonding time though, did you find it better than when it was in Albert Park?

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