My son got kicked in the head!

Going out with almost three year old twins and a 6 month old baby is hard work. I do try to bring the munchkins out to get active and not be stuck at home all the time while their contemporaries are in kindergarten and daycare.

I don’t think about too much if I want to go out because if I do we usually end up not going out alone.  The logistics of it all would make me tired and just thinking about the would be melt downs and constant whining in the car would just spoil it for me. So, everything I feel like going out, I just pack what we need, pack the kids in the car, drag grandma along and off we go. 

Today, we left grandma at home with the baby and cousin Katelynn. I had to return the baby car seat to Plunkett and I thought it would be great to check out that playground I saw beside Briscoes. One, it was a covered playground and two, it was close to sushi (fav foods close by is always a win in my books). It was all fun and games when we arrived no one was there except for a young couple with their 11 month old son who was already walking like a champion. I was chit chatting with his parents while the twins were running around and exploring the place. 

Then, 3 boys around the age of four or five years old came zooming pass and climbing all over the place speaking to each other in Japanese. Gaby boy was so excited as he loves people, especially bigger boys. He kept following them around and roaring and  being a dinosaur (it is a phase I hope he comes out soon as his roaring is starting to make me deaf). I don’t think the boys really like Gaby hanging around them but I didn’t think much of it since they were chasing Ari and Gaby joined in and everybody was having fun.

They were having fun until they got on this big swing that could fit all 3 boys and I don’t know what happened but I think Gaby wanted to go up too and they started shouting at him and Gaby starting hitting them and Ari was shouting too and they just started kicking Gaby from the swing. A few kicks landed on his head and he went down.  Ari was so angry she tried to kick them back but her tiny legs couldn’t even touch the swing. 

I only went over because Gaby was down and they were still trying to kick him and Ari. I told the crying Gaby to say sorry for hitting them and told the 3 boys that they shouldn’t kick him and please say sorry too.  They just looked at me like they didn’t understand what I was saying.  I truly don’t like to interfere when children are playing and do try to be fair. If Gaby was kicking and hitting I would tell him off straight away.  To me, kids especially boys need to know that hitting is not good, they need to control that impulse now so that they can control it when they become men. Also, I don’t like interfering because I get really protective and I don’t want to over react and go all HOW DARE YOU FUCKING TOUCH MY SON YOU BEASTLY, SPAWN OF SATANS???

*cough, anyhoo…

Meanwhile, the mothers of the three boys are oblivious to what is going on and are having a nice picnic.

I take the twins away and ask them to play by themselves  and don’t bother the boys. I don’t blame them for how they reacted cause Gaby can be too in your face sometimes and he is so bearish with his body slams, hugs and shouting. It’s overwhelming especially if you’re a child and you don’t know what’s going on.

But to cut the story short we had to leave earlier then I wanted to because Ari was getting all gangster. Gaby would constantly go back to the boys and they would be shouting at him “I not your friend, you not friend”  and push him around. I was just watching from a distance because Gaby has to learn that not everybody has to like him. But that lesson was not learnt today because big sister Ari would run over and push the boys back and they would push her and she would fall and she would come back up punching. She was saying “No ! No!” while pushing them back and trying to kick them.

Omg, really??? Is this karma biting me back for being unruly in my youth?

In the end Gaby fell again and hit his head on the pole with one of the boys landing on him.  So I ask him to say “gomenasai” and he did and he looked really sorry. His mum came over to ask him to apologize again but I told her he already did and it’s fine, Gaby was at fault too.

I think that was the signal to leave.

So, I regretfully pack up our lunch and picnic mat and pack the screaming kids into the car because they didn’t have enough play time. So I did what any sane mum would do in that situation. I bribed them with ice cream.


Till then



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2 responses to “My son got kicked in the head!

  1. if i were there i would totally feed those 3 boys a tube of wasabi from the nearby sushi store

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