You Da Man Dad!

It’s an awesome day today as it is the birthday of a great man, my father, Andrew!

Happy birthday dad, I love you so much and I wish you guys had a gazillion dollars so that you could just hop on a plane whenever you wanted with mum to visit the twins and Miki. They are growing up so fast and I do get a little emo when I see them growing up without having you and mum in their lives to learn from and to just bask in the glory of your love.

I also want you to see how cheeky Ari is, she reminds me so much of myself especially when I caught her having a bite of the kinder surprise chocolate before she threw the rest in the bin. That was so like the time when you explicitly told me to never ever buy the ice stick in school as it would give me a bad stomach ache and you caught me having one while I was hiding behind the school (you were so hardcore by hiding and spying me from afar!!!).

I want you to see how persistent Gaby is with all his questions and repeating them TEN THOUSAND times. I always try to keep cool as I remembered you never did. I was always confused as to why you were so irritated then (don’t worry, I know now) when I asked you questions like “Where are we going?” “Why are we going there?” TEN THOUSAND times too (LOL).

I want you to see how beautiful Miki is, she has a beautiful personality and is easy to be with, I know you would smile in awe if she gave you one of her gummy smiles with a side of drool for added effect just like how I made you smile.

Do know that I always try to tell them stuff that you use to say to me as we did those long walks together in Bukit Padang. The times when we would chat in the car on the way home from school. The times you always tell me to “Just do it!” and to be brave and bold. I also remember you scolding me for eating too much and to always be cautious of my surroundings and the people I choose to surround myself with. Well the first point of course fail la and the second point is still with me till this day.

Dad, stop eating all those nasi lemak, kuih muih and kari and stay healthy please as we will be visiting as much as we can this year and next year and until we pokai.



Love you forever.



Your Daughter.

p/s no recent photos so I use my wedding photos k 😛

Till Then





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3 responses to “You Da Man Dad!

  1. This is such a sweet post! Fathers are the best hihi. Happy birthday to your dad 😀

  2. Lovely! thanks for sharing 🙂

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